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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Yamaha SK-30 | Dreams in Prague

video by MIDERA

follow-up to this post

"Day 2 I think. Well, third day. I mean - technically I got it on Friday? So spanning 3 days, but less than 24 hours. Anyway.

Maybe this was more fun to play than it will be to listen. Only way to find out is to see how many little smiters come out to smite me with their dislikes. They're cute.

Monosynth - Ok, that's the part of this that I think really makes this instrument stick out. I mentioned in my previous video (or the comments) - the SK-20 just doesn't seem that interesting, since it contains everything minus the monosynth. The SK-50 has, what, a second keyboard? Crazy. That seems huge. And apparently it lacks the mixer section... but that must be wrong. I can see it in the photos. Anyway, it's too big. The SK-30 is too big too, but it's got a cool look to it.

Where was I? The Monosynth section, yes. Ok - aftertouch on the monosynth is really fantastic. I use it here with "brillance" which like, opens up the filter? At least that's what it sounds like. Really really love how it sounded here. It was also mixed with the organ and sometimes strings to make it stand out.

I like playing a nice 'pad' sound on the lower octaves and then use the mono part for a lead, because I'm not a good keyboardist and couldn't use the monosynth for bass - although it would be wonderful with that if I was capable. Others are no doubt.

I had a lovely conversation with someone about the Yamaha SK-30 versus the Korg Trident, a synth I have longed for for quite a while. The Trident wins as a polysynth because it has 8 voices, each able to articulate with the filter (it has 1 filter per voice, unlike the SK-30 which has 1 filter for all voices). Still - they seem different, the two synths. The SK-30 with it's monosynth for leads on top of pads, seems like it makes sense to me. But obviously, given the two, I'd go for the Trident. If only because it looks cooler, but also I suppose because it has MIDI kits available and that polysynth section seems worth it. Anyway -

Monosynth. That to me is where this shines. I probably would have (within days) gotten rid of the SK-30 if it weren't for that 1VCO SOLO section.

Now, if only I could figure out how to make it sound in tune when using the Analog keys to sequence that... Right now, it works, but it's waaaaay out of tune. Maybe I'll figure it out some day.

Eventide Space used for reverb."

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