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Monday, February 22, 2021

ENSONIQ SD-1 Wave Synthesizer - Textural & Cinematic Abstractions

video by Cro w

"This video is to demonstrate the incredibly dense, rich, sonically pleasing and experimental sounds that can be achieved with the SD-1. Everything Ensoniq made has it's own weirdo left-field charms and peculiar features; when it comes to their synthesizer line (the Ensoniq samplers are their own separate aliens); the SD-1 is the top of the chain in my opinion. It is followed VERY closely by it's direct elder descendent - the VFX/SD, next is the original VFX and THEN the FIzmo. Ha.

Sound is stereo out of the SD-1 into a Mackie VLZ4 mixer with literally just a TOUCH of H9 reverb on the "aux" to softly adhere it all .... I mean the knob wasn't even at 2. From there the audio went into the interface and directly to Logic for capture. What you are hearing is 100% the SD-1. It's an absolute incredible sound design tool and the internal FX are radical; they can be pushed in very wild ways!"

Ensoniq SD-1 "Two Patches" audio synthesis exploration

"The Ensoniq SD-1 (VFX/SD) have an interesting patch/program architecture. What I call a "patch" on the SD-1 can actually be composed of up to 6 complete synth voices containing one waveform each. I don't consider these to be "multi-programs" because you can play up to THREE of these patches together at one time; and THAT is what I would call a "program" on the SD-1. This video contains NO programs. Just single patches with no more than 3 voices selected at a time. What I am selecting on the SD-1's panel in the video is two custom stored patches and selecting different combinations of voices within them. Again, never exceeding more than three voices at a time, and no multi programs. The SD/VFX line also feature polyphonic aftertouch. It is turned off on these patches to demonstrate the power of the velocity mapping of this rich synthesizer. All audio and all FX are from the SD-1 ONLY. Audio is L/R out directly into an interface to Logic Pro X. Light limiting has been done to avoid peak clipping. That's all. There will be more SD-1 demos to come soon."

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