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Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Moog One Demos by Orano Music

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.


1. Moog One 16 - My take on Tangerine Dream's "Love on a real train"
Again, just playing around in first couple of weeks owning the Moog One, if you like a single Synth unit that will take you on a Journey, they do not come much better than this.
2. Moog One - Has a Big Sound! ... A Very BIG Sound!
Preset made from scratch, detuned oscillators, throwing some FM into the mix. this uses synth 1 and synth 2 on the Moog One, each Synth Panned left / Right to give more stereo Width to the patch.
3. Moog One 16 - Lost in another patch
More Playing around in getting lost in patch creation, by far the most enjoyable programming experience I've had in any synth.
4. Moog One - Attempting CS80 Chariots of Fire
CS80 is legendary for good reason, its the best I could get without sitting for Hours analysing the original and tweaking the moog to try. I put a little beat detune on modulation wheel for the 3 oscillators used to create the main lead synth, it was getting close, but not close enough :) Everything with exception of Piano was sequenced live from Moog One 16.
5. Moog One - Preset Building - JMJ Oxygen
Another Preset Programmed on the Moog One 16, I have thrown various challenges at the synth in the first 10 days of owning and it has yet to fail at recreation of most sonic challenges I have tried.
6. War of the Ones
War of the Worlds Inspired Patch, using the Moog one 16.
7. Moog One - A Variation of Sonic Capabilities
This is a short vid, (no talking) just running through a few of the patches I have made in the first week of owning the synth.
8. Moog One - First Day
My First play on the moog one 16, absolutely loving it so far! no processing with this at all, straight from synth to soundcard. Onboard effects in the Moog utilised,
9. Moog One 16 - Arpeggio - Sound design.
3 Oscillators, 1 Synced, and Synced Osc is also used for FM. Mod wheel Opens Dual filters and also adjusts Filter EG Release,
Stereo delay and Eventide Verb used, no external processing, All Moog! :)

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