MATRIXSYNTH: Roland System 8 Juno 60 Plug-out patches (demo)

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Roland System 8 Juno 60 Plug-out patches (demo)

video by MIDERA

"A selection of System 8 Juno 60 plug-out patches I created tonight. All internal FX.

So, why did I buy this synth? I don’t know. It wasn’t a great reason. I own a JX3P, and have been sick of trying to figure out how to hook it up with my gear. It only works via OMNI mode (listens to every midi channel). This forced me to use other sequencers that I didn’t want to use. I could upgrade to KIWI, but that would cost me well over half the cost of a S8, so I decided to try that. Good news is - they sound identical (except the JX3P PWM goes through zero and the S8 does not).

So, I had the Juno 106 plug out in it and found I didn’t like it. This is no surprise. I had a 106 and didn’t like it, back in 2012. Of course, I wish I hadn’t sold it, because I sold it for $350. Ouch. However, you have to remember back then there weren’t replacement chips, only the acetone fix, with reports that it didn’t always work. So I sold it. Anyway, I replaced it with the Juno 60 plug out and wow it sounds really good. Way better than the 106 plug out, which I thought was exceedingly boring.

Everyone talks about how great the System 8 and 106 plug out are, but I actually like the Jupiter 8 and JX Plug outs the most. The S8 is good too, but now that I have the J60 in there, I honestly think they’re all really good. I think maybe people are just so used to Juno’s that they just don’t explore the JX or Jupiter 8? I’m not sure. Or maybe it’s that people scan presets? I never use them. I start from scratch. Every preset in this thing just sounds too processed and I don’t like it.

Now I sorta wish I’d have picked up a J6 or J60, but the prices have skyrocketed so I guess so long and thanks for all the fish. I’ll keep this green hitchhiker from another sector of the galaxy. It’s ugly, but it’s like a towel - you may automatically assume that I am also in possession of a toothbrush, washcloth, soap, tin of biscuits, flask, compass, map, ball of string, gnat spray, wet-weather gear, space suit etc., etc."

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