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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Sound Of: Modor DR-2 Digital Drum Machine Algorithms/Models

video by Sound Provider

"In this rather long video I tried to present you all the algorithms of the Modor DR-2 one by one, a drum machine that does not have many demos on the net to give you an idea of the variety of sounds it produces. I really like this drum machine which some algorithm allow to create rare or unique sounds like with the Claps or theRattle Model (Check the Time Line at the end of the description)

I focused mainly on the models here and I don't show or very little the more advanced functions like accents, random variations, compressors, reverse function...

I am recording now a lot this superb Drum Synth for the next sound bank for sound Provider (​ ) and also for my personal tracks.

For those interested I have posted a shorter video of the machine on a Techno demo here : [posted here]​

Otherwise I wanted to apologize, I realized during the editing that I had left a snare drum in the back that we sometimes hear in the background.

Time Line and list of the Models:

• DRIVE BD: a sinewave bassdrum that has a parallel filtered distortion path

• NOISE BD: a overdriven triangle bassdrum with a filtered noise burst attack

• SQUARE BD: a square wave oscillator bassdrum with lowpass and notch filters

• BASIC SNA: a snare drum algorithm using 6 sinewave FM oscillators and a ’snappy’ noise burst

• MARCHING SNARE: a much ’tighter’ marching band type of snare drum

• ANALOG SNARE: an ’electronic’ sounding snare algorithm with 2 overdriven triangle waves and a ’snappy’ noise burst

• HIHAT: short to medium long hits of ’cymbal noise’ and white noise

• RIDE CYMBAL: a set of bandpass and hipass filters working on cymbal noise

• CRASH CYMBAL: a series of 6 parallel bandpass filters filtering white noise and cymbal noise

• CLAPS: a heavily filtered white noise burst with multiple triggering

• ANALOG TOM: a set of 3 overdriven triangle wave oscillators with a filtered init noise burst

• TENORDRUM: a series of 32 sine oscillators with different tuning and length settings, and a filtered attack noise burst

• RIMSHOT: 3 sine waves that get overdriven and highpass filtered

• RATTLE: a short clicky sound with 2 base frequencies, with retriggering possibility to make ’rattle’ sounds.

• COWBELL: a series of 18 cowbell tuned sine

Voila , I hope some of you will find this video useful and that you will enjoy it.

Leonard de Leonard"

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