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Monday, March 15, 2021

Soundsauca Roland System-1 Soundsets


1. Roland System-1 - Cosmic Arps Patches
A Roland System-1 sound bank designed for unearthly audio contortions that only the little green machine can provide. Let loose your arp and get ready for slice & dice!

Available here:
Also as a bundle:​

64 Patches included • 8 x Sequence arps • 54 x Arpeggio sounds • 2 x Rhythmic patches
Tested on the Roland System 1 Plugout/Hardware

Scattered sonics are combined with classic melodic arpeggios and effects. Whilst the System-1 has been superseded by its big brother, the System-8. The System-8 dropped the scatter function to probably appear a more “serious” synthesizer. I find the scatter to be more interesting than at first glance because it affects synth parameters, as opposed to DSP scatter effects on the TR-8 and TB-3. I took advantage of this feature and added randomisation to many of the sounds in the sound bank.

There is something for everyone here, with some beautiful bells and softer sounds, to some more random and aggressive patches.

I created these sounds with the Roland Cloud plugin version and have tested them with my hardware System 1. As I don’t have access to a System 1m rack version, I would presume there would be some differences due to the fact the System 1m doesn’t have an arpeggiator or the scatter function.
2. Roland System-1 - Seismic Bass Patches
Seismic Bass for the Roland System-1 features 64 concrete crumbling basses, rubbery mono-synths, digital DX’s, crushed up dirt, filthy acid, dubby wubs and earth shattering subs.

Available here:​
Also as a bundle:​

Basses that blow the doors down. The Roland System-1 is an extremely powerful bass synthesizer. I bought my Roland System-1 along with an Arturia Microbrute – A fine mono-synth in it’s own right. However the Microbrute went back and the System 1 stayed! As a tribute, the first sound in this pack was named Brutus for its fuzziness.

In this sound bank, there’s a range of sounds paying homage to some of my favourite Yamaha DX sounds (minus the noise floor). One of my favourite waveforms on the System 1 is the logical operation waveform. It sounds similar to the Alpha Juno PWM saw wave at lower levels, but when raised it gets gnarly. Adding in the cross modulation on top and things get out of control fast.

Woofer punishment guaranteed!
3. Roland System-1 - Atomic Atmospheres Patches
Atomic atmospheres features 64 stratospheric pads, angelic strings, dark ambiences and sound FX for the Roland System-1.

Available here:​
Also as a bundle:​

The System-1 doesn’t appear the sort of synth to create big washes of sound. With it’s focus more aligned with classic analog synthesis a limited FX section I was surprised to discover that it can go far deeper than it’s neon 'me-too' mono-synth styling suggest. The 4 voice limitation seemed a road block to producing large audio atmospheres, but the 12 waveforms, there’s a wide range of sculpting possibilities to be x-modded, ring-modded and synced. In particular, the vowel waveform can be bent and twisted together with the 'super-waves' (Supersaw, Supersquare and Supertriangle). The System-1 has deeper qualities.

From the wails of a dystopian technological future with 'Sirens' to the euphoric dreams of 'Stratosphere', there’s an array of useful presets here to immerse yourself into.

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