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Tuesday, March 02, 2021

New Therevox ET-5 - Ten Sounds in Ten Minutes

video by therevoxhq

Note the new patch panel on the left. You can find additional Therevox posts here.

"I've been in a drone and soundscape mood lately. Here are ten different sounds from the new Therevox ET-5.

1. Bass Freeze
This sound uses the new ET-5 feature of being able to freeze the pitch of Oscillator 2, which is set to a bassy sawtooth wave. The sawtooth wave is also new to the ET-5.

2. Echo Waves
Using Oscillator 2 patched into the Filter Cutoff on the Patch panel and sent to a pretty slow sine wave.

3. No Hands
This uses the ET-5's new Hold Sliders, allowing the amplitude of each oscillator to be held without pushing the intensity keys. Perfect for drones and knob tweaking in real-time.

4. Floating
The Hold 1 slider is assigned to control both the Filter Cutofff and Filter Resonance via the Patch Panel. A healthy does of internal Spring Reverb and spooky trails from the Earthquaker Transmisser pedal.

5. Fuzzy Rhythms
Osc 1 is set to a triangle wave note and Osc 2 is set to white noise, both run through the Ellman boutique fuzz.

6. Interval Harmony
Oscillator 2 is tuned to an interval of Osc 1 to create an interesting harmony. A Red Panda Raster delay is put through the FX loop to provide subtle layers.

7. Transmisser Drone
Again using the Hold Sliders for hands-free operation of both oscillators while knobs on the Transmisser and ET-5 are tweaked. The new Saturation (gain) stage is also used to add distortion.

8. Saw Mod
Oscillator 2's saw wave at an audio frequency is used to modulate the Filter cutoff and the Hold 1 slider is also used to control this cutoff, both patched through one of two Mults available on the Patch Panel.

9. Warbles.
The cutoff frequency of the filter is modulated by oscillator one in LFO mode at a medium rate, changing the sound of oscillator 1's triangle wave.

10. Bass Freeze 2
A low sawtooth bass and octiviant waveform together, using the ET-5's ability to freeze the pitch of OSC 2 by pressing down on the pressure sensitive fingerboard."

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