MATRIXSYNTH: ZYNADDSUBFX on Raspberry PI Linux - open source synthesiser (pt. 1 - installation and examples)

Thursday, March 11, 2021

ZYNADDSUBFX on Raspberry PI Linux - open source synthesiser (pt. 1 - installation and examples)

video by Floyd Steinberg


#ZYNADDSUBFX​ is a powerful, great-sounding, yet resource-saving software #synthesiser​, so it's an obvious choice for running a #raspberrypi​ synth. Table of contents and code snippets for copying and pasting below! This synth provides up to three seperate "engines" for each voice - there's a subtractive synth w/ waveshaping, a "noise filter" synth and a wavetable synth built into this. In this video, I download the source code, compile it, set up qjackctl, go through the basics, play some example patches, create a filter sweep pad and also create a delicious salad (for science!)

Table of contents:

00:00​ Intro / demo track
01:20​ hello
01:54​ hardware overview
02:55​ software overview
03:20​ update your operating system
03:37​ download the compiler and libraries
04:04​ download and compile the synthesiser software

04:15​ ???

04:43​ installing the software
04:54​ launch the standalone software
05:04​ VST plugin path for your DAW
05:18​ jackd setup (midi/audio routing)

05:37​ testing some preset patches
05:51​ "Arpeggio3"
06:20​ "DX Rhodes 3"
06:47​ "Organ 2"
07:14​ "Slow Morph Choir"
07:40​ "Saw Strings 2"
07:50​ "Sweep Pad 1 Fat"
08:13​ "Synth Effect"
08:24​ "ioioioioioio"
08:35​ "Plucked String 1"
08:56​ "Soft Piano 2"
09:19​ "Soft Strings"
09:50​ "Heavy Metal Guitar"
10:05​ "Star Chimes"
10:21​ "Droplets For Chords"
10:29​ "Daft Punk Lead"
10:38​ "Analog Piano 2"
10:57​ "Rhodes Space 1"

11:35​ ???

11:52​ main menu, basic architecture overview
12:42​ creating a filter sweep pad with the "ADD" / subtractive synth
13:08​ init patch
13:18​ selecting a wave type / shaping
13:40​ tuning the oscillators
14:03​ activate second oscillator
14:26​ filter setup
14:48​ filter envelope
16:10​ effects
17:12​ finished sound

17:48​ ???

18:15​ important things to consider
18:26​ bye-bye

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  1. I hope to see more synth demos with git compiling steps AND salad recipes.


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