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Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Small Eurorack System - From Nothing to Crazy

video by Randy Piscione

For modules and patch details - hit Show More. Figured I’d do a video to show what can be done with even a small bunch of this stuff. Video is live patching. It’s a bit long, 15 minutes, but I hope you’ll consider watching the entire video, and follow along with the notes below. Drums are not coming from the small rack. Although I didn’t demo it fully here, the RingFolder is one of the best modules for getting variety out of a small system. Starts with the sequence running – and triggering the drums Sequencer CV to the VCOs (from the first mult) VCOs to the submixer Submixer to the VCF VCF to the VCA VCA to the final mixer Sequencer gate to both EGs (from the first mult) AMP EG to the second mult AMP EG CV from mult to both VCAs VCF EG to VCF Switch VCO2 to pulse output LFO to VCO2 PWM Folder out to submixer VCO2 Sine to folder (forgot to change folder source knob) Submixer (second half) to top VCA Top VCA to final mixer Switch VCO2 folder send from Sine to TRI Switch folder send from VCO2 to VCO1 VCO1 Sine to Ring Mod X VCO2 Sine to Ring Mod Y Ring mod to submixer (second half) LFO (in high range) to VCO2 FM in LFO to second VCF CV in The rack: PM Foundations BMULT – buffered multiple Kassutronics VCO3340 – VCO PM Foundations 8080-VCO – Oberheim SEM Tribute VCO PM Foundations RingFolder – Ring mod, folder PM Foundations – MOD+ - LFO, Noise, S&H Bastl ABC – submixer PM Foundations 3080-VCF – Oberheim SEM tribute VCF PM Foundations VCEG – ADSR EG with voltage controllable stages Ladik C-030 – EG Intellijel Buffered Mult Ladik A-012 – Linear VCA Barton Out – final mixer Extras: Analogue Solutions Oberkorn – main sequence generator – off camera PM Foundations QuantOct – quantizer for the sequencer – off camera Bastl Tea Kick – bass drum and snare – off camera PM Foundations Mod+ - noise for snare – off camera Various clocks, dividers, VCAs, mixers - for drums - off camera SHOW LESS

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