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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Turning Reverbs into HARSH Instruments with Feedback

video by Perfect Circuit

"Manipulating feedback loops is one of the most interesting ways to explore sound, and reverb is one of the most evocative effects for placing sounds in space. Thus, curious minds are certainly wondering: what happens when you use reverb effects with feedback techniques?

In this video, Jacob gives a rundown of some of his favorite ways to use reverb pedals in feedback loops, and allowing the effect to become an instrument in itself. Touching on topics like no-input mixing, adding Eurorack modules to the mix, and strange convolution, this video aims to serve as a springboard for trying out reverbs of all kinds in ways you might not expect.

Specifically, we highlight these tricks with the Red Panda Context, the Strymon Night Sky, the Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal, and the Poly Effects Beebo, but we encourage you to try these patches with any and all reverbs you might have hanging around the studio. After all, this video is all about experimentation, and these ideas are meant to be explored, expanded upon, and inviting you to embark on new sonic journeys.

Jacob's Signal Article:

Gear List:


00:00​ - Intro
00:58​ - Jam w/ Red Panda Context
02:12​ - No Input Mixing Explanation
03:00​ - Spring Reverbs in a Feedback Patch
03:53​ - Jam w/ The Light Pedal and Eurorack System
04:58​ - Controlling Your Feedback Patch
06:07​ - Jam w/ Strymon Nightsky Pedal
06:55​ - Using a MIDI Keyboard in a Feedback Patch
07:19​ - Jam w/ Keystep and Strymon Nightsky
08:49​ - Using Convolution Reverbs
09:43​ - Jam w/ Poly Beebo and Red Panda Context
10:23​ - Outro"

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