MATRIXSYNTH: Cirklon Aux Event Introductional Video Message

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Cirklon Aux Event Introductional Video Message

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"This is a brief introduction to the Cirklon aux events.

00:00 Don't be scared
02:43 Set Step Value
08:36 Aux Note
09:56 Set Velocity / Set Length / Set Delay
12:42 add to XC
13:45 Set Midi Chan
14:10 Aux edit sets flag option
19:30 Randomize
20:32 Rndmz note / velocity / length / delay
23:43 Rndmz aux
24:52 Rnd mask gate
28:08 Rnd mask tie
29:32 Rnd mask aux
34:33 Global Control
36:10 mute trk n / un-mute trk n
38:54 set scene xpos
44:08 set tempo
50:17 Knob Grab
57:23 Knob Mask
1:11:50 Pattern Control
1:15:58 set drctn
1:21:03 set lstep abs / set lstep rel
1:30:33 set norm tbase / set trplt tbase
1:37:04 Using aux events on cc messages
1:43:25 MIDI Send
1:50:25 send MIDI pbend
1:56:34 Repeat
2:10:28 rep*n by length
2:21:47 Musical repeat example (aka how I made the title track)
2:26:37 Redirect Aux
2:31:54 auxes to trk n
2:39:26 Another redirect example and a note about the order of tracks / aux rows
2:45:00 aux D = event
2:55:18 How to clear a dancefloor using the aux D = event redirect
3:01:29 Inter Track
3:13:32 Grabbing from an aux row
3:17:48 The end bit where I indulge in some shameless self promotion"

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