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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Dawless techno on a TR-808 & SH-101 | CONFORCE

video by Conforce

"About: This is a simple video jam describing how you can use a trigger out from for example your TR-808/TR08/TR-909 to another piece of external hardware with an arpeggiator or internal sequencer that allows synchronisation via trig or external clock in. It's a pre midi and din sync method to get two devices in sync with each other. The limitation of this sequencing technique makes it so cool and unique. The new Roland boutiques all have trigs in and out so you can also use the Boutiques for these kind of purposes. I often use the SH-01a to sequence an SH-09 for example.

It's something really simple and sometimes overlooked but very helpful if you want to work without a computer and midi or din sync. The sync is very tight. The way you trigger the SH-101 makes it sound very distinct and many classic techno records were made on these devices with this technique. The sequence on the SH-101 can be up to a 100 notes and the 808 pattern that trigs your 101 will simply just step through all the notes in a structure via your drum pattern.

One of the reasons the 101 is so much fun is that you can jam away on the octave switch and portamento with the sequencer running and it never sounds bad. 'Quote from a Patreon member'

Artists who are famous for using the SH-101 are Robert Hood, A Guy Called Gerard, Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Fabrice Lig, Mathew Jonson and of course many more techno & Chicago producers that haven't been mentioned here."

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