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Saturday, June 12, 2021

MOOG Music Being Sued for Misogyny / Employment Discrimination

Former Moog employee Hanna Green filed a lawsuit against Moog Music, Inc. You can find a short case summary and court documents here and here. It appears Moog attempted to have the case dismissed but it was denied. The case is currently in litigation.

The following is via The Ashville Blade where you'll find a full write-up. There is no input in the article from Moog Music or any other employees.

"A civil rights lawsuit tells the story of workplace discrimination, verbal abuse, assault and rampant misogyny at a major Asheville company

Graphic by Orion Solstice

[This story describes acts of misogyny, discrimination, threats of violence, assault and workplace abuse]

Moog, the major synthesizer company, is one of Asheville’s most prominent businesses, considered a mainstay of the city’s economy (and marketing). In the public eye the 'employee-owned' firm is known for progressive attitudes that seem to make it fit in with the popular image Asheville’s likes to project.

'To all the trailblazers, leaders, barrier breakers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, family members, friends, colleagues, mentors, and all women who inspire us daily, thank you,' Moog’s official Twitter trumpeted last International Women’s Day.

This is the company Hannah Green thought she was joining in 2018 when she was hired as a sales assistant. She would come to see that image was far from the reality. According to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Green and her attorney, Sean Soboleski, instead of a wonderful career at a progressive company, she faced extensive misogyny, discrimination and even physical assault.

Now, she says her goal is 'to make sure Moog Music never does this to anyone else ever again,' and the company’s facing a federal civil rights lawsuit seeking over $1 million.

A dangerous boy’s club

The image of Moog as a feminist, forward-thinking company breaks down with even a look at their employee demographics. Of 200 employees, barely 10 percent aren’t cis men. Describing Moog as a 'boys club,' Green tells the Blade, might just be an understatement. Women in management are rare. While the current VP, Nick Valente, rose to his position in three years, a woman took 15 years to reach a management position. This comes, as multiple examples cited by the lawsuit allege, with a dangerously misogynistic workplace culture.

'There were so many inappropriate jokes,' Green said. 'There was a joke about golden showers, they used to make dick jokes constantly.'

Jokes like that rarely just stay jokes. Work cultures like this always build towards something truly terrifying.

'One of my last weeks there the guy that assaulted me and carried a knife, made a joke about killing a woman in a sales team meeting,' Green recalls. Management took no action when she reported it."

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  1. No other coverage on this new Moog scandal, yet. I wonder what famous women who use Moog would have to say, and how that would affect the company behavior. Surprising, and yet, after a little thought, not surprising. Our culture seems to become more disappointing with each passing day. The information revolution is only serving to show us how grubby we are, not how to head to the showers to clean up our act.

  2. Oh, no! Hanna was treated as an equal! Whatever will we do!? XD

  3. eating their own. get your popcorns.

  4. Mother 32, DFA-Mother, Matriarch …. to cover up: systemic Misogyny? ����

  5. Remember folks this is one side of a legal case which is seeking $1 million. Don't be too hasty in judgment.

  6. Sounds like a simple money grab to me. Despite what the woke crowd says the world (at least in the US) is less sexist racist and homophobic than its ever been.

  7. Make Hanna's attendance, performance reviews and anonymous feedback, and all HR documentation pubic so that we can see the other side of the story. The tone of the "Anti-CisHet" cat woman author's hit piece smacks of a coordinated effort to defraud Moog of a cool million dollars.

  8. Thanks for covering this story. The other music blogs seem to be staying away from it for now. Hopefully if the verdict is against Moog, it will be covered by them, but litigation can take ages.

  9. For those claiming this is a "cash grab," I have heard similar stories from other women who have seen the workplace at Moog.

  10. says the anonymous guy ....

  11. Worked there. Mostly nice guys during my 4 year tenure as female in tech. A few assholes too, like most jobplaces. . Didn’t bother to go into sales/mgmt since those positions don’t end at 5 every day. Never bought any of their products although I hv a music studio n stuff out on vinyl/cd. She could be telling the truth. Let’s give it some time to see what emerges. If true, I feel kinda bad for the good folks still barely eeking out a living there.


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