MATRIXSYNTH: Penumbra | Ambient pad demo Roland System 8 (Jupiter 8 plug-out)

Sunday, June 06, 2021

Penumbra | Ambient pad demo Roland System 8 (Jupiter 8 plug-out)

video by MIDERA

"Here is a pad sound I made using the Roland System 8 Jupiter 8 plug out. There's a lot going on with the patch and maybe this is just not the best representation of the System 8. I don't know. I uploaded it anyway, I suppose. This track does NOT use any external FX, except for some slight EQ and limiting (which I just usually apply to everything). I go through and modify the cross-modulation, pitch envelope knob, internal FX, etc.

I gotta say - I really think the Jupiter 8 is probably one of the best plug-outs, although no one else seems to like it as much as I do. I'm not sure why. I prefer the arpeggiator too. I wish all the other ones had a 'random' mode. I prefer that to the step type that they mostly use. Anyway, I'm mostly happy with it, but I don't consider the System 8 as one of my favorites. I really dislike the fact that there's no stereo panning. I feel like that would have gone a long way for me, but instead I'm forced to just use the Pan delay. Why... why couldn't they add this feature, even just into the system 8 OS?

I guess it's a somewhat small gripe, considering there are other things that annoy me about the System 8. The first being that if your voice gets cut off by a subsequent note, you hear an audible click. This is the worst in the System 8 OS with FM. I don't like that. The green color looks pretty bad. I'm never very inspired to sit in from the of the System 8. If it looked like it does in my video - I'd love that I suppose, but it doesn't. It's a sharp green suitable for goblins."

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