MATRIXSYNTH: And the living weep | Roland System 8 Jupiter 8 plug-out demo

Monday, July 19, 2021

And the living weep | Roland System 8 Jupiter 8 plug-out demo

video upload by MIDERA

"Two weekends ago, my daughter was stung not once but twice by a wasp. I watched it happen. Right in front of my eyes. She was standing in her kiddie pool and while bees had been flying around looking for water, the yellow jackets weren't really nearby. But then one flew down from the tree and went right into her shirt. I ran to her, but it wasn't fast enough. She screamed out in pain - and kept doing so. I tried hitting the spot where it could have been. I never saw it... but I saw the marks it left. It got her at least twice.

She cried in agony for an hour. We tried to console her - but it was difficult. I took a nap with her, hoping that would make her feel better.

The physical pain was gone... but the emotional one hadn't started yet. The whole next week she refused to go outside. "Are there bugs outside?" Yes - there are, and we can't guarantee you'd never be stung again. Bad things happen, to all of us, at one time or another, but we can't just sit in the house forever. Logic wouldn't still her (why would it?). If we even mentioned the outdoors she'd panic.

I had to explain that the one wasp was a rogue, that bees are mostly friendly, and that flies only care about poop. Today - we did manage to get her outside by bringing out a thing to make bubbles. She was brave. It's always nice when you see your child be brave."

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