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Saturday, August 07, 2021

Modular Moog Preset Box - demo of a few functions...

video upload by noddyspuncture

"So, basically having now built and interfaced everything with regards to the Moog Modular preset box - (except the preset cards and also the 901's, I'm still waiting on the FET from the USA for those...) - it occurred to me that I should maybe test out a few of the features. I could do that by replicating what a card would do... basically connecting points to ground and applying some voltages here and there so I picked the lines into the 921B oscillators which control the footages. I also picked one of the lines into the 921A controller for fine tune and then I found the two lines which control the mixer inputs I'm using. I fed a sawtooth from the first 921B osc and a triangle from the second into the mixer, The mixer control here is just on & off... or 'sounding' and 'muted'. The card will allow for in between, so voltage controlled 'mixing' will be possible. I used my little breadboard and pins to change the settings. The functions I'm not changing here are the filter cut-off, the resonance level and also none of the EG parameters. Adding those to this demo would have been too big a job and as I've already had problems with those bundles of wires shorting, it wasn't worth the risk..! And also as those are a massive part of the 'perceived effects' on a patch change this demo is quite a simple and basic one - just to confirm my wiring is 'something like' and also to give you an idea of what this thing will be doing."

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