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Monday, October 25, 2021

Semi-Generative Ambient Soundscape in F-Minor |

video upload by Apparatus Scriptor Paradiso

"The patch is as follows:

I'm running the sample and hold output of the SH++ module into the module's slew limiter feature. From there, the sample and hold is multiplied and run into the volt per octave inputs of two Q106 oscillators.

One oscillator is going into the state variable filter, and the other is going into the transistor ladder filter.

The transistor ladder is receiving an envelope, which is being triggered by the square output of the LFO on the SH++, and also a mixed waveform (sine and pulse) from the third Q106 in LFO mode. The mixed waveform is going through the Mixer++ module so I can mess around with the amount of each wave to the output.

The state variable filter is also receiving an envelope, but this one is being triggered by the divide by two output on the SH++. Hopefully this creates some nice rhythmic patterns.

A lot of the work is being done off-screen, however. Obviously I've got the usual suspects going on in terms of effects: compression, delay, and reverb. However, so that I don't just get the bleeps of a computer when running a sample and hold to two oscillators, I'm using an auto-tune effect in my DAW to quantize the output to F Minor. I'd rather have a hardware quantizer, but I'm building up my system one piece at a time, so that will have to come later.

I supposed I'd call this "semi-generative" since there's a heavy element of randomness, at least as far as the notes you're hearing are concerned. Obviously, I don't just let the modules play themselves, so I'm unwilling to call this true generative.

Thanks for listening."

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