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Monday, November 01, 2021

Rather Have the Story - The RHS podcasts w/ Steve Porcaro, Matt Fink, & Roger Manning

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"'Let's do it...'
- This week we welcome Steve Porcaro, of Toto, of film and TV scoring, co-author of "Human Nature" for Michael Jackson, session musician - and much more.

We talk about the world and work of session musicians, Jeff Porcaro growing up and in the studio, the Rosanna solo, making the Toto albums in the studio, our tributes to the GREAT Keith Emerson, film and TV scoring, James Newton Howard, Roger Linn, Greg Ladanyi, Tommy Mars...

The Roland Microcomposer and early sequencers and synths, the venerable Yamaha CS80, DS1 and 2, the DX7, Polyfusion modular synthesizers, "The Blip" (Steve's creation of complex attack sounds) based upon Frank Zappa and his synthesizer horn sound, and much more!

"Back To You", from Steve's solo album (Someday/Somehow) features, Steve/Mike/Jeff Porcaro together:

*** See the rack of gear I set upon Steve's old keyboard stand at 58:17. Brownie points for all the weird stuff you can identify in the photo - drop a comment if you spot something!"

Rather Have the Story: Matt Fink = Dr Fink of Prince and the Revolution

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"This week we have the iconic musician, the longtime keyboard player for Prince and the Revolution, Matt Fink aka Dr. Fink.

We explore some of the lesser-known parts of Dr. Matt's life: Cool unknown bands from Minneapolis, the long evolution of the Dr. Fink character, vintage keyboards of the '70s, albums with meat on the cover, tribute bands, AC/DC, The Revolution reunited, When Doves Cry video, K-TEL Records, A Clockwork Orange, and (of course) working with Prince.

Stay tuned, more coming each week. We've got a lot of great guests coming, both known and unknown. Like and Subscribe, if you will - and we'll see you next time!

Thanks to Andra Fink, Max Fink, Liesl Bradner in the Peanut Gallery.
Closing Music: "1999" by Dr. Fink, "Old Boston" by Sir George Martin

MUSICIANS: Transfer your old tapes and media to digital at"

Rather Have the Story podcast - ROGER MANNING: Pt1 (Beck, Jellyfish, Moog Cookbook, etc!)

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"The one, the only (almost, we discuss this) ROGER MANNING.

Incredibly talented and positive soul, RJMJ joins us for a great chat about music stuff. Great stories of digging for the then-unwanted "old keyboards" and what one does with them...

Join us for Part 1 (of likely 647 more episodes where RJMJ will return).

You will hear about vocal harmonies, classic arranging, French music, Beck, Jellyfish, and not much else - because we have a lot more to come when he returns later (like Lickerish Quartet, Imperial Drag, The Moog Cookbook, Load, Malibu, TV Eyes, Roger Joseph Manning Jr, Morrissey, Blink 192... and on and on.)

The Was Not Was song we discuss was finally released nearly 15 years later, on their Boo! album. That track is "From the Head to the Heart" - hear it here in finished form. String quartet, Orchestron Cello, Mellotron flutes!"


  1. Thanks for posting - more to come, not all vintage keys, of course, but I know those people - so there will be some...

  2. Roger Manning has been a performer and musician I have looked up to since I discovered Jellyfish (only AFTER the band had broken up!) :) I saw him perform with Beck back in 2017 and I was transfixed by his playing!

  3. Really looking forward to seeing more - Roger Manning rocks!!!!!


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