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Monday, November 22, 2021

Vermona PerFourMer MkII: Noodlings with a Zen delay

video upload by Richard DeHove

"After many enquiries and much nagging I was finally able to buy a Vermona PerFourMer MkII - for a machine that's been around almost 10 years these things are hard to get! The original was released in 2003 and the MkII in 2012. Had mine for about a week now and it's a beautifully engineered knobby beast. Am really enjoying cycling through the four oscillators and the delight in this reminds me of my first synth, the Korg Mono/Poly. The Vermona takes things a lot further than the Mono/Poly though with individual flters, LFO and envelopes.

In this noddle the Vermona is in Poly2 mode with individual insert effects on each oscillator: a Vahlbruch SpaceTime delay, Phase 95, and two channels of the Boss RV-6 reverb. As things progress I add in the Erica Synths Zen delay on the stereo output. It's on digital ping pong mode with a gently overdriven input and some bandpass filter. Finally I add in some Zen overdrive before finishing with basic Zen again. In hindsight it may have been better to roll off some of the top end of the reverb, pan oscillators 3 & 4 left and right and turn off the Zen ping pong. But then every little knob twiddle changes the flavor slightly and eventually you just have to plate it up and serve. If you've read this far you're probably a hard enough synth nut to appreciate the special love I have for osillator 4 in this noodle. It's the low "boom" hit that sounds every now and then. It's just a simple triangle wave with no special settings at all but somehow with the reverb it manages to sometimes sound like a cavernous drum. Had to sell quite a bit of stuff to fund this one, including the very interesting little Norand Mono, which was a bit of a shame. Still, no regrets in having the Vermona! I've got all sorts of things queued up waiting to try :)

0:00 Intro blather
0:44 Dry oscillators
1:08 Insert effects
1:19 Effects demo
1:48 Cycling through
2:22 Noodle with effects 1
3:00 Zen delay added
4:05 Overdrive added
5:35 Silly amounts of overdrive
6:10 Minimal beauty again

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