Thursday, December 16, 2021


video upload by Piotr Garbaczonek

"Thank you all so much for watching my performance!
Date: December 14th, 2021
Location: B54 at Berklee College Of Music, EPD Labs
(Electronic Production and Design)

This show was my showcase as part of my EP-491's final project for my major. Aside from finishing a 5-track EP in a semester, I also was preparing this set for a very long time along with all the music. I decided to pull in a few songs from my previous EP: Experimental EP, Vol. 01, to spice up the performance a bit. The songs included were: Conformity, as the first song after the modular-only section; Time, which was the song at the end of the set with the QR code to my social media links. Everything else was songs from the past 4 months.

All the visuals were edited beat by beat, a song by song in Adobe Premiere Pro, and then rendered and then put into an Ableton Session to be played in a specific earlier-defined order.

I divided the show into 2 sections: Ambient Experimental, and Glitch Experimental.

The first part included rhythm-free elements only and primarily played on various modular synths, up until the 13th minute, where modular synths were supporting all the songs played in order.

The second part included various drum elements, as well as glitch music and frequency spectrum bending polyrhythms.

In terms of gear used, I used my Zoom L-12 Multitrack Mixer, to record all of the individual inputs directly into Ableton. Ableton had different effects in the effects chain of each track depending on what was necessary for each one.

For all the weird clock-driven, laser-sounding fast atonal sounds, I used the CMS MR-15 Modular System based off of the ARP 2500. For some chords and mild sawtooth progressions, I used the Blue Marvin 2600, which is based on the ARP 2600 with built-in Spring Reverb. The Blue Marvin was sequenced by one of my Qu-Bit Bloom Sequencers running in the minor key.
The master clock for everything was the ALM Pamela's New Workout, and it was clocking the CMS, Blue Marvin, 2x Qu-Bit Bloom, Qu-Bit Chance, Moog Subharmonicon (which was doing all the background pads), and Mutable Instruments Rings.
There were various other sequenced sounds, including Mutable Instruments Plaits as a 32-step arpeggio in minor, as well as Mutable Instruments Rings, going through Clouds as a textured effect.
Cwejman VCO-2RM was running through Qu-Bit Tone's LPF, and directly out as a very low analog sub.
The E340 Cloud Generator was my analog Wavetable synth, which I played directly on the Arturia Keystep MIDI-Controller, by sending it pitch information only, and running it through MI Ripples, and out.
The Instruo Arbhar was running in stereo mode, and that one was doing all of the tapping and scratching noises in left and right channels. It has a built-in condenser mic, so I was tapping it on the spot to fill up some space in transitions for some ASMR effects haha.
That's pretty much it in terms of gear used.
If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments. I will happily answer.

Again a huge thank you to Wiggz for doing some cool action shots while I was playing.
This is his YouTube channel:

And thank you to Dr.B for being an amazing professor, and leading me through the last stretch of my EPD Journey, as well as opening new doors for me for the future.
Here are some links of mine:
Go follow my Patreon here:"

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