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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Moog Sound Studio: DFAM + Mother-32. 50 Combo Patches. Demo

video upload by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for a semi-modular system Moog Sound Studio: DFAM + Mother-32. It is a collection of 50 patches that include basses, drums/percussion, leads, plucks, textures, FXs.
There is a wide range of sound colors inside the pack: massive and gentle, aggressive and soft, bright and dull, melodic and inharmonic tones, straight and polymetric patterns.
🔮 Get the soundset:


✅ high level of interconnection of the synths
✅ thoroughly set parameters
✅ detailed notes for patches full of tips and tricks
✅ audio examples in 3 versions: DFAM only, M-32 only, both together
✅ to recreate these patches you need up to 12 patch cords
✅ one of my hardest work ever, I spent up to 2 hours for each patch
✅ FREE BONUS: 150 samples with Scale and BPM (70-128 BPM), Wav 24/44100

The main point of the soundset is the high level of interconnection, not just syncing the two synths with independent timbres (individual presets for DFAM and Mother-32 are also available on my website). In this patchbook the timbres of the synths are soldered and can’t exist separately:
🔸 they modulate each other with LFO and Envelopes
🔸 a sequence from one synth change parameters on the other one
gates and triggers interaction breaks predictable patterns
🔸 audio signals from VCOs may be used as modulation sources to create harmonies/intervals or crazy experimental inharmonic tones
🔸 or they may be used just as audio sources that go to the other synth to be processed with its (different) filter and envelope and get the «second life».

At the same time, they play different and clear roles, it’s not a sound mess, but two synths working in close cooperation.

💽 Also, there’s a separate folder with WAV samples with the same timbres, but with Scale and BPM information. You may use them inside a sampler or DAW if you want 100% same sound as in the examples. Slice them for one-shots or loops, this is a great material for further editing and processing.

The patches are suitable for many genres: Techno, Ambient, House, Deep, Progressive, Trance, Minimal, IDM, Downtempo, Lounge Chill Out, Electronica, Dark/Noise, Industrial, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, and many others.

00:00 Primordium
01:30 Subharmonicon Dreams
02:43 Selection
03:51 Vacuum
05:51 Morass
07:26 Infection
08:31 Monolith
09:45 Cosmopolite
11:05 Statement
12:20 Skid
13:38 Executor
15:20 Noir
16:59 Gale
18:21 Backwoods
20:11 Interruption
21:42 Stupor
23:11 Convergency
24:39 Disclosure
25:56 Gowk
27:46 Childhood
28:52 Magnesium
30:34 Stiletto
31:54 Frustration
32:57 Two Guitars
34:16 Sector
36:15 Partaker
37:55 Nocturne"

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