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Sunday, January 02, 2022

AJH Patch of The Week: Mini Mod & Muting Mixer Melodic Performance (with patch sheet for Eurorack)

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"A re-recording of an old performance/composition using the AJH Synth Mini Mod system with the new MUTING MIXER & VCA module. This module allows input sources to be punched in and out quickly, ideal for live performance. Here I'm using one before the VCF to mix 5 waveforms from 3 VCOs, and also using another one as my final VCA after the filter. Patch sheet at the end of the video.

00:00 Intro
00:12 Performance
03:50 Patch Sheet

Patch Sheet:

Patch Notes:
Green dots show approximate pot and switch positions. Where a pot or switch has two dots, this illustrates the range I move them during the video. Pots and switches that do not have green dots are not used in this patch, and should be left at their zero or off positions.
In the video I'm using the Glide + Noise MkII module to access the CV bus, allowing me to control multiple VCOs from one input/cable, otherwise you will need to use a multiple or stacking cables to connect the keyboard/sequencer to all 3 VCOs, as is usual with a fully modular synth.
VCOs: Tune them to the same pitch, only octaves are different. PWM SHAPE can be experimented with, setting all 3 VCOs to the same or different settings effects the sound of the combined pulse waves subtly.
Muting Mixer: These settings allow me to switch O/DR (overdrive) on and off without driving the signal too high, and keeping both states at a comparable level. Notice I always un-mute either the pulse waves (channels 2 & 3) OR the sawtooth waves (4 & 5) of VCO 2 & 3, never both pairs at the same time, as their combined signal would significantly increase the input level and risk unwanted clipping distortion. I tweak the level of VCO 1 (channel 1) to drive the signal a little more, but however you use it try to keep the level meter in the GREEN.
VCA: In the video I use another Muting Mixer as final output VCA, so in the diagram I show the Discrete VCA being used for the benefit of those who have one, but the same principle applies - set master to full then gradually increase the input level.
Modules used from top-left to bottom-right: Glide + Noise (for bus board access - optional), Vintage Transistor Core VCO x3, Muting Mixer, Transistor Ladder Filter, Contour Generators, Discrete Cascaded VCA (or Muting Mixer)."

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