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Thursday, January 06, 2022

New Roland Aerophone AE-20 w/ ZEN-Core Synthesis Support & USB-MIDI

video upload by RolandChannel

Roland Aerophone AE-20 Performance by Patrick Shiroishi, Hailey Niswanger, and Matt Traum

Overview and Sound Examples

video upload by RolandChannel

Two interesting points:

"The versatility of this powerful instrument extends even further with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System, the same advanced sound engine found in pro Roland keyboards like FANTOM and JUPITER-X. Explore everything from traditional analog synths to modern digital voices, all carefully curated for the unique articulations and extended dynamic range of a wind instrument."

The "Aerophone also supports USB-MIDI, giving you an incredibly powerful controller for creation with your favorite music production apps."

Press release follows:

Los Angeles, CA, January 6, 2022 — Roland announces Aerophone AE-20, the latest member of the company’s innovative family of digital wind instruments. Aerophone AE-20 delivers all the playability and expression of the flagship Aerophone Pro in a more compact and streamlined design. Offering a rich musical experience with premium details and Roland’s most advanced sound engines, this inspiring instrument brings next-level power and versatility to wind players everywhere.

Developed in collaboration with leading wind synth artists, Aerophone AE-20 is a top-flight instrument with uncompromising musical response. It features the core sounds and expressive control of Aerophone Pro, along with the premier model’s acclaimed key touch, refined playability, and go-everywhere design.

Aerophone AE-20 provides a wide range of stunningly authentic acoustic instrument sounds at the touch of a button. Soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxes are on hand, plus clarinet, flute, trumpet, and more. Violin, cello, and other string instruments are also included, along with world instruments like erhu, shakuhachi, and bagpipes. Backed by Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology, every playing nuance is fully translated with lifelike dynamics, articulations, and overtones.

The versatility of Aerophone AE-20 extends even further with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System, the same advanced sound engine found in professional Roland keyboards like FANTOM and JUPITER-X. Everything from traditional analog synths to modern digital voices are available, all carefully curated for the unique articulations and extended dynamic range of a wind instrument.

Aerophone AE-20 lets wind players step right into their musical flow with a familiar reed-style mouthpiece, immediate response, and natural pitch and vibrato control. The breath and bite sensors are customizable and ultra-sensitive, and it’s possible to reconfigure the fingering for sax, clarinet, flute, recorder, or a personal setup. Instant transposition and a five-octave range enable players to cover any style without the range limits found with traditional acoustic instruments.

Aerophone AE-20 features an onboard speaker for grab-and-go playing, as well as a headphones jack for quiet practice sessions. There’s also a line output for connecting to a stage amp or PA while performing, plus USB-MIDI for music creation with popular MIDI production apps.

Aerophone AE-20 comes with onboard Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless integration with mobile music apps from Roland and others. The Aerophone Lesson app helps users get started right away, even if they’ve never played a wind instrument. The Aerophone Pro Editor unlocks the full potential of Aerophone with deep customization of sound and performance settings. And with Bluetooth audio streaming, users can play along with music and instructional videos through the Aerophone’s sound system.

Demo timestamps for 2nd video above:
0:00 - Healing Pad
0:10 - Late Shift
0:20 - Introduction
0:35 - Full Scale Sax
1:00 - Custom AE Lead
2:01 - Key Layout and Fingering Modes
2:20 - Trumpet
2:43 - Blues Harmonica
3:08 - AE-20 Sound Engines
3:18 - SuperNATURAL
3:22 - Full Scale Sax
3:50 - Trumpet
4:09 - Yangqin
4:32 - Sarangi
5:00 - ZenCore
5:05 - Fat Fuzz Bass
6:08 - Sharing Sounds and Roland Cloud
6:16 - AE-20 Tones
6:16 - Duduk
6:35 - AE-20 Editor App
6:36 - Violin
7:15 - Bluetooth Connectivity
7:25 - AE Lesson App
7:36 - ST Hard Lead
8:06 - Inputs/Outputs
8:46 - Additional Accessories
8:56 - Jazz Organ MT
9:25 - Taking Lead
9:49 - Synth Stack
10:13 - Film Octaves"

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