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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Patch of The Week: Analogue Kick Drums in Eurorack with the AJH Synth MiniMod Modular Synth System

video upload by AJH Synth Official

"A simple analogue kick drum patch easily recreated in Eurorack, or even some self-contained synths. This isn't modelled on a particular classic or vintage kick sound, but uses a common process for creating such a sound that is easily tweakable to suit your own ears. Check out our past 'Patch of The Week' videos for other percussion sounds, including analog claps, and using a self-oscillating filter to create various claves, rim shots, cowbell, even a rudimentary kick.

Video by DreamsOfWires

Download PDF with diagram -
Green dots show approximate pot and switch positions, and where there are 2 dots on the same pot, this indicates the range I adjust them during the video. Pots and switches that do not have green dots are not used in this patch, and should be left at their zero or off positions.
GLIDE + NOISE: I used the white noise in this patch - not all vintage kick drum sounds used a noise source, but it is optional based on personal taste. I find it gives the sound a more similar character to a real kick drum, whereas without it the sound is more distinctly electronic.
VCO: A good kick sound can be generated using just the filter in self-oscillation, but using a dedicated VCO provides greater flexibility, especially when combining with other audio sources, such as white noise. Base pitch and level of Exp CV from the envelope should be experimented with.
VCF: Envelope control of filter frequency will not make much difference to the sound without the white noise, as then you would only be filtering a triangle wave. This is why I've simply copied the envelope that's also opening the VCA.
ENVELOPE: Ideally there needs to be separate envelopes for the VCO and the VCA/VCF, as one is controlling pitch, and the other volume (& tone), which both have a very different impact on the sound. A pair of DH-ADSR's would offer greater dynamic control, as mentioned in the video, but the CONTOUR GENERATORS is fine too.
VCA: The DISCRETE CASCADED VCA allows a little bit of overdrive when input levels are pushed. Even more so when used with the GAIN SWITCH (See our other videos), but also the MUTING MIXER can be used, as it's built around the same VCA circuit and has a built-in overdrive function."

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