MATRIXSYNTH: War of the Worlds 2023 AI by Cinematic Laboratory w/ Cameos from Todd Barton and Walker Farrell

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Monday, August 21, 2023

War of the Worlds 2023 AI by Cinematic Laboratory w/ Cameos from Todd Barton and Walker Farrell

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"The Hague, Netherlands, August 25, 2023 — Step into the immersive musical world of modular artist Cinematic Laboratory as it unveils its latest sonic endeavor, 'War of the Worlds 2023 AI.' The album showcases the fusion of an audio comic with music, 3D field recordings, cutting-edge AI text-to-speech dialogs and Chat GPT ghostwriting. By combining handmade sounds, real analog voltage, and digital magic, Cinematic Laboratory stretching the boundaries of 21st century 'home studio' music production.

'War of the Worlds 2023 AI' features eight music tracks that traverse between B-movie clich├ęs and the real challenges of living in an uncertain future. Each track creates a realm where imagination intertwines with reality, taking listeners on a journey where our own fear is a formidable adversary. What sets this album apart is the groundbreaking use of AI voice actors, infusing the characters with artificial ‘overacting’ and bringing the story to life. They seem to have a mind of their own and turned the story into a comic beyond production control. It just shaped itself. While the use of 'deep fake celebrities' remains a topic of debate and controversy, it adds a bit of realism to the album. The album is accompanied by a single release called ‘Elevator Music 2023 WOTW’ which also doubles as a trailer.

Synopsis: The machinery of an extinct alien Krell civilization decides to bring a gift to Earth. The ability to materialize and realize anything you can think of. After receiving a mysterious transmission, a desert festival for open minded thinkers will be the catalyst for a worldwide invasion as our deepest fears and nightmares manifest themselves and turns against us. The Earth turns into a purple jungle infested by huge tripods, drones, zombies and fungi. Meanwhile, scientists Daisy, Brian and Walker patch up a dream machine that helps us to channel our imagination in a more constructive way. They manage to inspire the US President and together they bring this ‘immersive musical audio comic book’ to a ‘happily ever after’.

Starting from H.G. Wells' timeless book and the 1956 classic movie 'Forbidden Planet,' Cinematic Laboratory's interpretation of 'War of the Worlds' takes an unpredictable direction. Instead of an invasion from Mars, the album delves into the internal battle of the human mind, where our fears and nightmares manifest through ancient alien technology. It is a compelling exploration of the power of imagination and its ability to shape, disrupt, damage, and heal our lives. It's a force that cannot be defeated by the common cold. Just imagine growing up in a world where your reality is forged and can’t always be trusted.

As an emerging modular artist, Cinematic Laboratory is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of musical expression and storytelling. The compositions blend various modern genres and influences, creating a sonic landscape that is both alien and strangely familiar. With 'War of the Worlds 2023 AI,' Cinematic Laboratory aims to establish itself as a rogue ambient music pioneer, exploring new frontiers while sharing the experience on YouTube. The Lab currently boasts over 500 videos online and is a highly appreciated channel devoted to modular synthesis. The album features cameos from Todd Barton and Walker Farrell who make a lot of waves in the modular community.

'War of the Worlds 2023 AI' is available on all major streaming platforms on August 25. Bandcamp offers a special download and contains scripts and an instrumental bonus album.


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