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Sunday, November 19, 2023

mutable opt touch synth "LICHEN"

video upload by ultra cacophony



そこで後に「peg」と名付けることになるプラグとLEDを組み合わせた構造を考えました pegはジャックから供給される電圧に応じた強度で下側を照らす構造です パネル上には光センサを配置してあり、挿し込んだpegは自由に回転するため、回転位置によってセンサに光の当たる量が変化します

pegは赤外線で信号を伝えますが、信号を視認するため可視光でも光ります(そのため室内明所で使用可能です)光は常に2方向を照らしており、操作による相互干渉を誘発します 光の角度によって3種類(60°,120°,180°)のペグがあり、どのペグをどこに挿すかによって音色が規定されます

pegは光を伝える構造であると同時に、タッチプレートでもあります 上部の金属部に触れることによって身体抵抗を通じて信号を伝えます 



2022 ulcasiva" Googlish:

"LICHEN is a synthesizer that is equipped with 5VCO, 4LFO, 5VCA, a reconfigurable touchpad, transmits audio via light, and is composed of a nonlinear fully discrete circuit including a single VCA.

First of all , I wanted to make a synth with only a jack hole (I'm sure it would be beautiful), but I ran into the wall that not being able to set constant values, which is normally the responsibility of a POT, was too much of a constraint for a synth.

Therefore, we came up with a structure that combined a plug and an LED, which we later named "peg." A peg is a structure that illuminates the underside with an intensity that corresponds to the voltage supplied from the jack. is equipped with a light sensor, and the inserted peg rotates freely, so the amount of light hitting the sensor changes depending on the rotational position

The peg transmits a signal using infrared rays, but the signal It glows even in visible light (so it can be used indoors in bright places).The light always shines in two directions, causing mutual interference when operated.Depending on the angle of light, there are 3 types (60°, 120°, There are pegs (180°), and the tone is determined by which peg you insert and where.

The peg is a structure that transmits light, and at the same time it is also a touch plate. By touching the metal part on the top, you can It transmits the signal through a resistor.

With the introduction of PEG, the 3.5mm jack has taken on a huge number of roles
・As a regular patching point
・By rotational movement Functions like a POT to set up
・Reconfigurable touch plate
・Converts and transmits audio signals to light
・Pedestal for placing 5mm LED
And so on...

>This synthesizer rethinks the possibilities of the common interface of the 3.5mm jack

2022 ulcasiva"

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