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Friday, February 11, 2011

ASYZ (1971) - Czech Monster Synth!

via Matjko, spotted on

Googlish description: "In 70 originated from the Department of Sound Engineering Filmovéhoé Barrandov modular szstém ASYZ (analyzer and synthesizer sound), whose development has started in the late 60 years. The instrument was completed several years of additional modules, the final version was called the second jakol ASYZ The principal authors were Anthony ka designers and Bohumil Matousek, to which the early 70 years joined a sound engineer and designer Paul Pitrák, then as a sound engineer working with the tool.

Synthesizer and keyboard was not used to create sound effects or external signal processing .. As a manually controlled source audio signal generator was used a modified beat Bruel & Kjaer, producing sinusoidal oscillations in the range 20 Hz - 20 kHz. To control was also adjusted third octave filters of the same company for which the individual potentiometers nastavovala level in each zone and each zone can be switched buttons that are used to "play" in real time. Automated management tools ensure sequencer with three ceilings and sixteen steps, whose length can be adjusted. Among the modules are a VCO, a noise generator, filters, bass and treble, parametric filters, circular and phase modulators, amplifiers, merge, VCA, ADSR generators, LFO, random signal generators, envelope follower and auxiliary circuits. Levels of selected signals follow a small six-channel mixer. Signal parameters can be monitored using the built-in oscilloscope, an indicator of arousal, voltmeter and frequency counter for measurement. To connect the modules used sockets and cables used in analogue computers MEDA. Jacks on the inputs and outputs of audio and control signals are color-coded for clarity.

In the second half of the 90 years was added šestioktávová keyboard (FF) with separate stand and synthesizer could serve to normal play. For several years, but stopped. Now it has in its collections by Cinepost.

The text is quoted from the book Elektrofony II images courtesy of Mr. Milan Guštara, whom I would also like to thank you for the photo."

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