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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Poly Midi 1 Micro Sequencer

Published on May 27, 2020 deepeightyeight

Anyone recognize this one? I asked deepeightyeight and all I got was a ♥️. It looks old and familiar but my brain is not working at the moment. :)

Update: Found the following video of a white one. Apparently it's from 1984. Is the brand Micro Performance or R-Madness? Note the video is from a Dr Ralf Madness. Is this his design? Did he create a custom front panel with R-Madness on it?...
Update2: See the Micro Performance label and more will be revealed, at least on the black one. :)
Update3: and some info here:

Digital sequencer Micro performance Poly MIDI-1 replacing battery

Published on Oct 20, 2018 Dr Ralf Madness

"This is how to replace battery on this rare french vintage sequencer from 1984. it's a digital 5 tracks and 2 songs sequencer.

Music 'Journey in a sad man's mind part II' by Dr Ralf Madness.I own the rights of this track."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Micro Performance Poly Midi 1 special Sequencer

via this auction

Googlish translation:

"Rarer vintage sequencer with many possibilities.

Clock can come from any source:
External (analog)
External Midi

You can save 5 sequences and play simultaneously.
Detroit techno genius Chord memory function (instant sound Jeff Mills)
Realtime / Step Input

Din Sync 24 I / O
Analog I / O

Sequences are ultra-tight and selbt the simplest lines will not be boring if they run over 8 minutes.

Ideal as an interface in the analog / digital studio
When combined with an analogue midi synth is very easy to set a really groovy techno achieved with modern DAW's how it is hardly possible."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Micro Performance Poly-MIDI.1 Update

via Florian:

"I am the one who bought the Poly-MIDI from Bernd. It took me some time to understand how it works, but in fact it works fine - though I did not get everything. There are five sequences, which must be recorded from an external MIDI-keyboard in realtime. I did not find any relation between the keyboard like coloured buttons and the input modes. There is no mode, where you could use the buttons as a keyboard.

For playback there is a non-quantized mode and several quantized modes from 16th to quarter notes and several triplet modes.

Very nice feature is a chord trigger mode: it records a chord from MIDI and in playmode this chord will be transposed by the incoming MIDI notes.

There is also a step input mode, but each step it seems to be related to an step of the clock. The internal clock is 192 ppm - so this step mode is not very useful - at least until I understand it better. ;-)

Regarding clock: It reads and provides MIDI Clock, DIN-Sync and a TTL-clock (which is identically with the clock signal from the DIN-Sync), and finally it outputs a 16th trigger. Unfortunately it does not sync to an external 16th trigger. Syncing as slave works only for MIDI and DIN-Sync, the external Clock in seems to require TTL-level and so it is very "timid" (sorry, funny word, but describes it the best).

Finally I am still seeking for more information. There is no brand description neither at the outside nor inside the case. This one has the serial number "00387", but I cannot tell whether there really were that much of these sequencers. My suspicion is, it means: third made in 1987...

Anyone who has more info please get in touch with me via, or of course, post it at matrixsynth.

All the best, Florian Anwander"

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Micro Performance Poly-MIDI.1

images via this auction

Details Google Translated:

"I versteigere in this auction, a fairly unknown desktop sequencer from the year 1984. This device is built in France. The company is Micro performance and the sequencer is Poly-MIDI.1.

On the Internet, I learned that the sequencer a 6500 notes memory. Total 5 sequences and recorded with a chain-linked function.

I have recently purchased this device, but it could not only elicit sequenz. Thus versteigere I use this device as expressly DEFECT.

The hardware is very solid. The storage battery was replaced. The running lights shine all. So think that the remedy to the problem experienced by an electrician not really expensive can be.

For his age, the appearance of this part really sehrt well and it is somewhat reminiscent of the old Oberheim optic devices (OB-XA, DMX, etc.).

Unfortunately, there is no service documents or operating manuals. The device will not function as offered by me, because I have no time for me to worry about such things. For collectors, but the part of an enrichment."

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