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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Techno Toys is Now Free!

Looks like the Techno Toys suite is now free! Techno Toys was one of the first things I ever downloaded off the net. It has lived through Windows 95, 98, and now XP. It is the only software I have transfered and continue to use to this day. If you haven't tried them, just do it. Loads of fun. Pictured is the XG-909, SEQ-303, and ARP-X8. The ARP-X8 reminds me of an easy to use Oberheim Cyclone. Think uber arpeggiator. SEQ-303 is an analog style step sequencer with accent. The XG-909 I haven't played much with but obviously it's a 909 style drum machine. Title link takes you to the download. [mirrored here - right click and download the icon when you get there.]


  1. I'm sure you can run multiple copies/instances at the same time routed to different midi channels and synced together - thats what's so great about it isn't it ? Then if you do a capture of your tweaking and export the midi data it exports all channels to one midi file (at least thats how I remember it).

  2. That's right. I removed that bit from the post. I think what threw me off was that you can't stop and start each sequence separately. When you hit run in one the other one runs with it. Same for stopping. You can't truly run them independently, but this is obviously great in keeping things in sync. You just can't stop and start individual sequences while the whole thing is playing. I'll need to try it out.

  3. That's some great news. I was regularly checking at to see if the guy was getting back to it some day. I love Analog Sequencers emulations in software and Seq-303 was one of the best. I still think that there could still be something a lot better, à la P3 or Schrittmacher.

    By the way, here's what I found on this site ... WOW!!! I don't remember seeing "THAT" before!

    It certainly deserves a picture on your blog.

  4. re: starting and stopping sequences independently. I suppose you can always mute them and then unmute.

    What I missed with Seq-303 was some sort of list editor where you can make a list of the patterns in the order you wanted them to play.

    I still use midi-thruway now for managing my midi interfaces and routing my P3 to different gear. I'd hate to be tied to using a software sequencer for managing all this stuff.

  5. Mute would kind of work, unless you wanted the specific pattern to start mid drift - you could probably work it out though.

    exsurdo, nice find. Definitely worth a post - it's up.

  6. I think the Mikado sequencer was a project Jim was going to work on years ago. I don't recall hearing how far he got on it, if anywhere. You could e-mail and ask him.

  7. so if they're do i get them?

  8. Ok, I played with them again. Absolutely amazing experience running multiple instances. Mute works fine. Man, it's like having an unlimited number of analog hardware sequencers and arpeggiators with advanced features at your disposal. I can't get over how great this software is.

  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to port these over to xp/vista?


  10. It works fine on XP and Vista. Just search for the missing windows dll out there, but run a virus scan on it before copying it over just to be safe.

  11. Cheers Matrix,
    You're going to have to excuse my thickisity....but which dll would that be please?


  12. I don't remember. I thought it was vb400 or vb200 or the like. I forget. I seem to remember a message stating the dll was missing when I tried to launch it. What happens when you try to run it?

  13. Hiya,
    Arp alters the screen res as though it's going to start and then 'changes' it's mind.

    Seq I now have running okay.

    xg 909 crashes every time I try to use ms syth as the output.

    I have fuddled my way through the event logs and sent them to ms but nothing in the knowledge base.

    I am having a lot of fun using the seq with the sammich I built ( I suppose I'll just have to be happy at that.


  14. Big respect to the person who made Seq 303. It is since it came out one of my favourite tools (but now I'm on OSX). The randomize function is great. It's the piece of software I regret most that it hasn't been maintained anymore.

    It's like having a Doepfer MAQ 16-3 on your computer.

    If someone could give seq 303 an overhaul, so that you can use it with an external midi-controller (like Behringer BCR 2000), that would be great. And while you're busy develloping... bring Seq 303 to OSX :-)

    Once again : BIG RESPECT !



  15. Hello, does someone still use these? Care to share a feel presets to help someone understand this arpeggiator?

    1. BornUnder Punches:!dAZAHAhR!A2iA8b5gXl9sJ07rHfuClMJQp4W84yMomiGxAFEbSU4

      This is a preset I made literally 12 years ago, and I haven't loaded it up to look at it, but knock yourself out!

  16. I can not make the Technotoys suit of programs work in Win7. Loved them for years but now it seems to be over. Please, anybody port them to the operating systems of today.

  17. I have been using Seq303 for donkey's years! I have it running on Windows 10 now with no problems. You have to have a good soundcard (I have a SoundBlaster Audigy RX because the drivers work in modern Windows systems), and NOT be running Webroot AV (which interferes with one of Seq303's DLLs). I have produced many tracks, available for free download at



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