Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I was just going through the Bob Moog Foundation 2010 Calendar in more detail. I noticed a couple of interesting bits I failed to mention in my previous post. For each month not only are holidays marked on the calendar, but interesting moments in Moog history are as well. In addition to this, each month appears to have a quote from Bob Moog. I noticed that many of the quotes came from Albert Glinsky's THEREMIN: ETHER MUSIC AND ESPIONAGE. From the website:

"Leon Theremin (1896-1993) led a life of flamboyant musical invention laced with daring electronic stealth. A creative genius and prolific inventor, Theremin launched the field of electronic music virtually singlehandedly in 1920 with the musical instrument that bears his name. The theremin--the only instrument that is played without being touched--created a sensation worldwide and paved the way for the modern syntehsizer... Its otherworldly sound became familiar in sci-fi films and even in rock music. This magical instrument that charmed millions, howver, is only the beginning of the story.

As a Soviet scientist, Theremin surrendered his life and work to the service of State espionage..."

You can find more on Albert Glinsky's website. The book of course is available on Amazon. You can find the Bob Moog Foundation Calendar on the Bob Moog Foundation website under the Shop link on the top right. Filing this one under Stocking Stuffers as well.

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  1. Wonder if he's related to Mark Glinsky, of "Manual Manor"?