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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Stocking Stuffers: Bob Moog Foundation 2012 Calander

I put a post up earlier on the new 2012 Bob Moog Foundation Calender. Not only would the calender be a great gift to yourself for the holiday season, but it would go to a great cause. The Bob Moog Foundation is bringing our wold of synthesizers to new generations. Be sure to visit them at You might notice a new banner on the right of the site under Artists and More. Clicking on it will take you to their shop where you can pick up the calendar. Another way you can support them is via their Igniting Creativity and Innovation campaign on IndieGoGo, and of course directly on their site:

Dr. Bob's SoundSchool Ignites the Creative and Innovative Spirit

Uploaded by moogfoundation on Oct 25, 2011
previously posted here

Monday, December 06, 2010

Blacet Research Holiday Update

"We have good stock on most items with typically 2-3 day shipping. An exception is the IO2225, out of assembled, down to two kits.

Our last shipping day this year is the 17th, so get those orders in real soon!

For DIY Time Machine fans, check out the Bargain Basement Page.

These boards expected to ship Dec 17. Limited quantities, order yours today.

Have a safe Holiday Season!


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Bridechamber Holiday Sale

15% OFF ON ORDERS FROM $100 TO $250

Thanks fer listenin' to my spam.
Scott Deyo

The Bridechamber
Jealous Edison Record Kompany"

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bleep Labs Bit Blob 2s in the Making & Holiday Shipping

via Bleep Labs

"The last day to make a domestic order with delivery by Christmas is the 18th. International orders should order by the 8th but times might vary. Contact us with any shipping questions.

Bit Blob 2s and Built Jrs will begin shipping this week. The kit has been delayed slightly but will definitely ship well before the 25th.

All this month I’ll be post pics from the workshop. Here’s a set on how a Bit Blob 2 is made."

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Framed Synth Art Prints

via these auctions

* Size Approx. 230mm x 180mm
* Finish Wall mountable or free-standing finish
* High quality design with vectorised artwork
* High detail
* No jagged edges or pixelation
* Hand crafted

"Our framed art prints are produced to the highest standards
We DO NOT use poor photographic reproductions"

-40% on Mobilohm and Hematoh plug-ins!

via The Ohm Side of the Moon

"Tomorrow – Friday December 3rd – we start our Christmas Sale, which will offer two discounted plug-ins (-40% !!!) every Friday of December. Let’s start by warming our hearts with the Mobilohm phaser and the Hematohm frequency shifter: two extremely useful units, either for subtle spices or extreme sound mangling – both present in thousands of home studios around the world but also in some high profile ones. If you don’t know them yet, try the demos and you’ll be convinced. Do it fast, as this discount will last for only 24 hours: this Friday’s whole day. Get inspired by poems, try the demos, use the code!"

BTW, don't forget the Stocking Stuffers label this year. All iPhone and iPad posts should be considered stocking stuffers so not sure if I will give them the label as they might drown out other posts. Also be sure to check out the links on the right of the site, including synth movies, books, cds and of course MATRIXSYNTH swag.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

eBay Scams

The below is in via an anonymous reader. I catch these as well. Be careful. In these listings, there is usually an offer to pick the item for a great BIN outside of eBay by contacting the seller. NEVER go for it. It's usually a scam and it is against eBay policy.

When I see them I filter them out of the eBay links on the right of this site, so use them. Please note it's not possible to catch them all the second they go up, and there are other scams out there, so always be careful. The list is "cleaner" but not perfect. I also filter a few other things to keep the feeds synth only.

via an anonymous reader:
"I follow your blog for some time now. I use your blog mainly to keep up to date with all synth related and from time to time find good deals on eBay. But the reason of my email is for something else, today I found a few eBay items and almost got scammed.

The item in question was an Alesis Andromeda. I took a few screen shots and decided to forward you those. Perhaps you can make a post and warn others of the issue.

The A6 on the screen is not the same I was about to be scammed into. But today I've seen many of them come up and go by many different sellers. I believe that the seller accounts got hijacked and they are not even aware of the issue, none the less it will great to warn others of the matter. The worst part is that the scam is for many types of synths, oberheim, arps, jupiters, etc. which really sucks specially during holiday season. "

Also see this post on protecting yourself against scams.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jean-Jacques Perrey Biography

via Dana Countryman

"My biography on the legendary electronic pop pioneer, Jean-Jacques Perrey is finally out NOW!!!

This has been a seven-year project, and it feels so good to finally have my book completed, and out for sale!
It will be in stores soon, and also it will be on Kindle soon, but for now you can order physical copies from my web site.

The book is 312 pages long, and has over 250 photos and illustrations. This is the ONLY biography of this French genius, and I'm proud that Jean-Jacques chose me to write it.
I interviewed scores of Jean-Jacques' collaborators and friends for this book, including Angelo Badalamenti, Robert Moog, Gershon Kingsley, Don Dorsey, Vinnie Bell, Billy Mure, and many, many more.

You can view sample pages on the ordering site here:

I hope you'll check it out."

Update: I originally had "Auto Biography" in the title. It's actually a biography. Title fixed.

BTW, this would make a great "stocking stuffer" for the coming holidays.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

PROJECT PRESET - Native Instruments Holiday Selection 2009 Kore

YouTube via Torley

"GET IT @ http://www.native-instrumen..."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ohm Force Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition Free

Free on Ohm Force

"This 'Performer Edition' is a simplified version of our Symptohm:Melohman powersynth, especially made for live use - but being also handy at the studio. The core of the synth, its oscillators and all the filters are there: it's the same audio engine of the 'normal' version. The only difference is that they're all already programmed/fixed for each one of the (up to 1200!) patches from Symptohm's sound library, the result being a simple and straight forward interface."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Native Instruments Releases Free HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 Instrument

"Berlin, December 17th, 2009 – Native Instruments today released HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009, a freely downloadable instrument that combines selected sounds from the versatile range of KORE- and KONTAKT-Powered instruments. Covering a wide sonic spectrum from sampled acoustic instruments to futuristic soundscapes and radical poly-effects, HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 provides diverse and musically useful sound material for all kinds of genres, for use with KORE 2 and with the free KORE PLAYER.

HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 includes 45 KoreSounds with eight morphable Sound Variations each, resulting in 360 individual sounds. Concise parameter assignments allow for immediate, intuitive sound tweaking in KORE 2 and KORE PLAYER. Full musical metadata for all presets also lets HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 integrate seamlessly with any individual collection of KORE-Powered instruments.

HOLIDAY SELECTION 2009 is available as a free download on the NI website at

About Native Instruments:

Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based music production and performance. The company's mission is to develop innovative, fully integrated solutions for all professions, styles and genres. The resulting products regularly push technological boundaries and open up new creative horizons for professionals and amateurs alike."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"In 1971 Phillip Werren released a 4 Lp box through Simon Fraser University of his early Electronic Work which was recorded at S.F.U., McGill University & Radio Warzawa, Poland. Only 100 copies where ever made. A few years ago I discovered this record and was completly blown away. The Lp has heavy elements of tape collage, Modular Synthisis, voice, and experimental thought. Some of the pieces where conceived by psychedelic and occult influences. Much of the record was done with a Buchla 100 Series,the first of their modular synthesizers. I tracked down Phil in Toronto where's he's been living a number of years. Phil taught music composition and theory at York University in Toronto from 1977 to 1997,where he headed York's Electronic Music Studio.

The Album was created for the most part at the height of the late 60's at Simon Fraser University. "1968 was a year of great upheaval: at SFU, Canada's Berkeley, 114 people were arrested for their part in the protest over the firing of the entire faculty of the Political Science and Anthropology department. Marcuse, Baba Ram Dass and others came to speak to us at peril to themselves; acid and mescaline abounded and apocalypse seemed to fairly shout out at us in the rarified atmosphere of Burnaby Mountain. The neo-fascist architecture of the university seemed to beg for anarchy and chaos and linear thought itself seemed doomed to extinction."
"The electronic music studio at SFU was at that time probably the most sophisticated studio in Canada. After working in studios at Columbia and Radio Warsaw, both of which were small and somewhat limiting, I found it impossible to continue composing with the Princetonian precision in which I had been schooled. The SFU studio contained the most recent synthesizer designed by Don Buchla. I only vaguely understood what ÒitÓ did and realized that I would have to put aside my rigid preconceptions of how one sound should follow another. The sequencer, a device which can generate a sequence of sound events in a more-or-less random pattern and at times seemed to have a life of its own, became for me a sort-of window through which I could see/hear a universe of sound I had never imagined possible. It was necessary for me to Òstep backÓ from these sequences of sound-events, to control them in some other way: through the mix of one sequence with another in time and space."

This album is a nugget of Canadian Psychedelic Avant-Garde history, up there with the early works of Bill Bissett, The Nihilist Spasm Band, and Intersystems. Also in line with early America works by Robert Ashley, Tod Dockstader, and Gordon Mumma.

Phil and his Engineer friend Tony Crea have transfered the original tapes to digital and cleaned it all up for this CD reissue. Original artwork on the cover was created by local Vancouver Artist JAS Felter."


I was just going through the Bob Moog Foundation 2010 Calendar in more detail. I noticed a couple of interesting bits I failed to mention in my previous post. For each month not only are holidays marked on the calendar, but interesting moments in Moog history are as well. In addition to this, each month appears to have a quote from Bob Moog. I noticed that many of the quotes came from Albert Glinsky's THEREMIN: ETHER MUSIC AND ESPIONAGE. From the website:

"Leon Theremin (1896-1993) led a life of flamboyant musical invention laced with daring electronic stealth. A creative genius and prolific inventor, Theremin launched the field of electronic music virtually singlehandedly in 1920 with the musical instrument that bears his name. The theremin--the only instrument that is played without being touched--created a sensation worldwide and paved the way for the modern syntehsizer... Its otherworldly sound became familiar in sci-fi films and even in rock music. This magical instrument that charmed millions, howver, is only the beginning of the story.

As a Soviet scientist, Theremin surrendered his life and work to the service of State espionage..."

You can find more on Albert Glinsky's website. The book of course is available on Amazon. You can find the Bob Moog Foundation Calendar on the Bob Moog Foundation website under the Shop link on the top right. Filing this one under Stocking Stuffers as well.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bob Moog Foundation Calendar 2010 - Last 50 Copies!

Just a heads up, only 50 copies of the Bob Moog Foundation 2010 Calendar are left. I just received my copy this weekend. The calendar is a great conglomeration of images and the history of Bob Moog's legacy. It is built to last like his instruments. The paper stock is thick! Not your cheap glossy calendar here. Highly, highly recommended. I plan to have mine framed. If you haven't picked up a copy yet and were planning on it I recommend you do so quickly. This is THE stocking stuffer of the year in my opinion. Pictured here is a signed version including signatures of Keith Emerson, Erik Norlander, Larry Fast, and Brian Kehew. Note only 5 of these exist and are not for sale. Michelle Moog-Koussa was gracious enough to let me post these here for posterity/historical purposes. Click each for a larger shot. Be sure to check out the Bob Moog Foundation website for more. You can find the calendar under the "Shop" link on the top right of the site when you get there.

Moog Synth Synthesizer Keyboard Piano Pin

via this auction

slightly alternate shot to this old auction post.

Read the description carefully :)

"Never used - Moog Synth Synthesizer Keyboard Piano Pin - NEW - NEW pin. Still in plastic.

Note - This is a tie pin. Read the description carefully as people bid on these pins thinking they are real instruments which they are not! These are high quality metal tie pin reproductions of the original equipment - not cheap plastic toys repros! The dimensions are 1 1/4" long by 1/4" high."

Another Stocking Stuffer for the holidays.

Also see the Simmons Electronic Drum Pin here.


via this auction
"Just in time for Xmas because this would make the perfect christmas present for that keyboard player in your life! Here is a vintage Moog synthesizer catalog, plus extras for sale. Just check out the 6 clear close-up super-size pictures to help describe this nice item.

I looked on ebay and under ~completed~ and their isn't a one of these on, we're talkin' seriously rare here! This unique shaped 8 page full color catalog opens up to an almost full size picture of the famous minimoog electronic synthesizer. The catalog is dated 1974 on the back side, Norlin product. What makes this listing even better is I'm throwing in two additional specification sheets (also in full color, double sided 8.5x11) featuring the micromoog and again the minimoog. Both of these items are clearly dated 1976. Last but not least, the icing on the cake is this listing also includes the very rare January 1, 1977 Moog Retail Price List with an awesome picture of Keith Emerson on the cover. 4 pages long and that minimoog wasn't cheap even back in 1977 at $1,795.00."

[DS-10] ニンジーン Loves you yeah! [SX-150]

YouTube via truewall125789. Note you can still find the Gakken SX-150 on Ebay and of course the DS-10.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Totally Wired Christmas

"A module is for life, not just for Christmas...

For the synth freak in your life who already has everything, 'Totally Wired' is the ultimate analogue stocking filler!

Back in stock at

Always in stock at

Streaming on" was down for me when I put this up. If it is for you check back later. Some excerpts from the DVD below. This is a definite stocking stuffer.

Trailer for 'Totally Wired' from niamhahern on Vimeo.

Sneak Peek from 'Totally Wired' - Ken Macbeth from niamhguckian on Vimeo.

Doepfer Sneak Peek from niamhguckian on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Reiko Kashiwagi - Dream Of Dream - Yamaha FX1 Album

via Andrew in the comments of the Jimmy and the Yamaha FX1 post.

via My Jazz World: "This LP has been produced by Yamaha in order to promote an instrument called the Yamaha Electone FX-1, it was released in 1984 on Toshiba Records. The FX-1 is played by Reiko Kashiwagi, additional players are Seiichi Nakamura on sax, Atsuo Fujimoto on guitar, Masashi Yokoyama on bass, Yoshikazu Harada and Masahiro Miyazaki on drums, Ichiko Hashimoto and Etsuo Yamakawa on synth and Akiyoshi Adachi on percussion."

Giving this one the Stocking Stuffers label as it is free.

Update via Jonathan in the comments: "There are 2 of these organs on eBay right now!
Search for 'Electone FX-1'" And sure enough there is along with other albums featuring the FX-1.

via these auctions


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Super GrooveAxe

Super GrooveAxe from Gadget Gangster on Vimeo.

"The Super GrooveAxe is a mini drum machine / sequencer. 4 sounds are available, and the playback speed of the pattern can be controlled. It's available as a kit on Gadget Gangster -"
You can find more pics and instructions on instructables

via Nick: "I've just finished and put up the Super GrooveAxe, it's a mini drum-machine. I'm pretty proud of the project, I did the pcb design and grandtippler did the software to run it. Your readers might find it interesting - there's more info on instructables -"

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