Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Missing Link Wireless MIDI Device - Wireless MIDI for the iPad and iPhone

YouTube via minhternet | September 05, 2010
No wires. No PC. This is huge when you think about it. This will allow you to control your synths wirelessly and directly via your mobile device.

"This is the Missing Link.

It is a wireless device that receives OSC and outputs MIDI.

When I open my settings in my phone it shows up as a network that I can connect to.

When I go to my OSC app, and press a button, an OSC message will be sent wirelessly from my phone.

This message will get received by the Missing Link, which converts it to MIDI and sends it to the instrument.

I can now use my phone to play a keyboard or control my mixer or MIDI LED lights."

"This is just a prototype, we have custom circuitry in the works. Right now, we have OSC > MIDI working, and we'll be adding the reverse MIDI > OSC functionality soon, as well as a USB MIDI connection in case you do want to use it with a computer."

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