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Monday, March 11, 2019

Discontinued Jabrudian Industries The Missing Link Wireless OSC & MIDI Translator

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via this auction

"The Missing Link OSC/MIDI Translator is a standalone hardware device which contains its own WiFi radio, and translates specially-coded OSC messages sent from your mobile device or computer into standard MIDI messages to control synthesizers, drum machines, mixers, digital audio workstations, or anything which responds to MIDI commands. It does this with low latency, high flexibility and configurability, and without the need for a computer anywhere in the control chain. Multiple wireless OSC devices may connect simultaneously to The Missing Link, making collaboration easy."

Tuesday, June 05, 2012



And my set of pics. :) This wraps up MATRIXSYNTH's direct coverage of the event. If you have pics, video or audio, please feel free to send it in. See the MMTA SYNTHFEST 2012 label for all posts on the event including a couple of video walk-throughs. There's a lot to see in this set but don't miss the slick plexi-glass modular cases by James Husted of Synthwerks, the Din Sync Dr. Protomonger, the new Mattson SQ16 Sequencer which will be available in Euro by Division 6, and of course the massive MATRIXSYNTH Banner! Now that's synth bling. You can find the full list of exhibitors in this post.

PS, on some browsers, Flickr embedding will sometimes cause your mouse to wig out and disappear. If this happens, move your invisible mouse to the edge of the screen and hit the esc key. It should come back. You can then click on the top of the browser and refresh the page to get things back to normal. It's annoying but the slideshow is worth it imo. You might want to view this one full screen. If you want to skip it and go straight to Flickr though, here's a link.

MMTA SUMMER SYNTHFEST 2012 - Hans Lindaur - The Missing Link

YouTube Uploaded by matrixsynth on Jun 4, 2012

This is a follow-up to my twelve minute walkthrough, but only two minutes, and it starts with Hans Lindaur of (aka Jabrudian Industries LLC), makers of The Missing Link wireless OSC to MIDI device. You can find more info on the device at wifimidi. In short you can connect your iOS device to it wirelessly and use it to transmit OSC or OSC to MIDI messages to your external gear. Many of my iPad editors for TouchOSC are mapped to The Missing Link for wireless control. You'll find other templates on their site.

In the video you'll also see the rare Technosaurus Effexon effects unit, Microcon synth, and two Cyclodon sequencers. To the right you will see a custom break-0ut box Hans built for the units. The video moves on to Larry Kleinke aka Computer Controlled's table and back around to Vidgod aka Gary Bauder and the Cosmic Tumblers.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

MMTA SYNTHFEST 2012 Walkthrough Video by MATRIXSYNTH

YouTube Published on Jun 3, 2012 by matrixsynth

More will follow tomorrow. Be sure to see the MMTA SYNTHFEST label below for all coverage of the event.

On display (if I missed anyone let me know! This is from the sign-up list):
Update: Larry Kleinke aka Computer Controlled and Mr.AcidMachine as well as the table map. Note the center tables were spaced apart at the event.

B - John Bowen & the Solaris - Carbon111 (Facebook)
C - Chris Lehfeldt
D - Synthwerks
E - Scott Rise / Division 6
F - George Mattson / Mattson Mini Modular & the Mattson EML
G - John L Rice YouTube | Vimeo | Facebook | SoundCloud | Grooveshark
H -Steve Turnidge's Desktop Mastering
I - Moog Music
J - Lunchbox Audio
K - Madrona Labs
L - Lorne Hammond & George Welsh
N - Guitar Center
Q - Vidgod aka Gary Bauder and the Cosmic Tumblers
O - Mr.AcidMachine
P - Hans Lindauer / Jabrudian Industries LLC / The Missing Link
S - Jordan Passmore
T - Larry Kleinke aka Computer Controlled

The Harvestman - on foot.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MMTA Summer SYNTHFEST This Satuday! List of Exhibitors

If you are in the Seattle area this coming Saturday, don't forget to drop by the MMTA Summer SYNTHFEST at Seattle's EMP!  Below is a list of the exhibitors and some of what you can expect to see. Rumor has it there will be some new items to check out and a couple of performances.

John Bowen & the Solaris
Carbon111 (Facebook)
Chris Lehfeldt
John L Rice YouTube | Vimeo | Facebook | SoundCloud | Grooveshark
George Mattson / Mattson Mini Modular
Scott Rise / Division 6
Lunchbox Audio with Moog gear
Madrona Labs
The Harvestman
Lorne Hammond & George Welsh
Vidgod aka Gary Bauder and the Cosmic Tumblers
Hans Lindauer / Jabrudian Industries LLC / The Missing Link
Jordan Passmore

Monday, April 02, 2012

TB MIDI Stuff iPad Editor for the Yamaha FS1R

TBStuff ported several pages of my Touch OSC editor for the Yamaha FS1R. That editor was mapped for The Missing Link. This TB MIDI Stuff port works with CoreMIDI over USB so you do not need The Missing Link for it to work, although it will work with it over wifi as well. A cool thing about this editor is that communication via USB is two-way, meaning if you change a parameter on the FS1R, it will also show up on the editor. Also, this editor shows you the value as you edit so you can dial in edits more precisely. Currently there are templates for the following pages: fseq, Cmn, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and EQ. More may follow as TB MIDI Stuff has time, but I thought any of you with an FS1R wouldn't mind giving these templates a try. You can find them here.

TB MIDI Stuff on iTunes:
TB MIDI Stuff - TBStuff
iPads on eBay

Update: you can find other user templates on the TBStuff forums here. And, of course, if you create any yourself, feel free to join and share.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Missing Link controlling a Moog Little Phatty with TB MIDI Stuff

The Missing Link controlling a Moog Little Phatty via an iPhone with the TB MIDI Stuff Tiny App

YouTube Uploaded by MissingLinkMIDI on Mar 27, 2012

"In this video we demonstrate how to connect an iPhone to the Missing Link and then how to control a Moog Little Phatty via a custom template designed in TB MIDI Stuff Tiny (

The two major advances we haven't seen before here are that we can now draw templates directly on our iOS devices themselves, rather than on a computer and transferring them. We also demonstrate the native support for The Missing Link that is integrated directly into TB MIDI Stuff - this makes developing templates much easier and avoids the necessity of creating custom OSC messages."

follow-up to this post.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Missing Link wirelessly controlling a Yamaha 01V Mixer via an iPad and iPhone

YouTube Uploaded by MissingLinkMIDI on Mar 19, 2012

" - Jabrudian Industries.

A quick demo of the Missing Link controlling a Yamaha 01 Mixer simultaneously via an iPad running TB Midi Stuff (, an iPad2 running TouchOSC (, and an iPhone4 running TB MIDI Tiny Stuff (

The Missing Link receives OSC messages from these iOS devices via the TB MIDI Stuff and TouchOSC applications, converts them to MIDI and passes them to the MIDI-enabled Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer via standard MIDI DIN-5 connection. The Missing Link also converts the MIDI Out from the Yamaha 01V into OSC and can send it back to a single iOS device. The Missing Link allows anyone with an iOS device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) wireless control and feedback of any MIDI enabled device.

For more information, please visit

Jabrudian Industries"

I made a few TouchOSC editors mapped for The Missing Link & various synths here. Check out this 80 page editor for the Yamaha FS1R.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Edit Mass Parameters in TouchOSC

If you remember my FS1R TouchOSC editor post from yesterday, I mentioned that it would be a while before I completed it due to the sheer number of pages and parameters that needed to be manually edited. You can copy and paste a page in the TouchOSC Editor, but then you have to click on every single control and edit. I wished there was an easier way to simply copy and replace. Well... It turns out there is!!! Hans of The Missing Link came to the rescue via a tip from control_man here. Apparently TouchOSC files are XML files and can be edited as follows:

1. add a .zip extension to the TouchOSC template filename
2. unzip - this will give you index.xml
3. edit index.xml
4. zip index.xml into an archive
5. change filename + extension of to templatename.touchosc

Note that Touch OSC requires a unique name for each control (click the above image so see - BTW, that is the very start of my FS1R editor), so I did the following to make it easier:

1. I created blank pages in my template for those I wanted to duplicate in the TouchOSC editor itself
2. I opened the template in XCode
3. I grabbed the chunk between the Page tags for the page I wanted to duplicate
4. I pasted that into TextEdit
5. I did a search and replace all for name=” with name=“0
6. I did a search and replace all for the hex values I wanted to change, in my case 0x60 0x02 to 0x60 0x03
7. I did a control all and pasted it into the first new blank page in XCode
8. I repeated steps 5-7 for each page substituting name=” with name=“1 0x60 0x02 to 0x60 0x04 and so on.

I was able to create five new pages pictured to the left in under ten minutes. This is literally going to save me days worth of work.

Thank you Hans!!!

Note this is also being covered in the hexler forum here.

HexaChrom Adds Support for The Missing Link and OSC

HexaChrom - Somascape

"HexaChrom turns your iPad into a musical performance controller, enabling you to play your OSC or MIDI (#) electronic musical instruments — virtual instruments running on a laptop/desktop computer, or hardware MIDI instruments.

HexaChrom takes an alternative approach to the majority of MIDI keyboard controllers in that it uses an isometric note layout, where the notes are presented as a hexagonal matrix of keys. There are many such isometric layouts, though HexaChrom uses the Harmonic Table layout, which is a modern variation of the Tonnetz (tone network), devised by the famous mathematician Euler.

This note layout has particularly useful musical intervals between adjacent keys, ie along the 3 major axes : minor thirds, major thirds and perfect fifths. In the Western musical tradition, the intervals of the major and minor thirds dominate chordal structures. Consequently, this layout offers a number of advantages over the more conventional clavier-style keyboards : consistent chord shapes irrespective of key, the ability to span several octaves with one hand, and to play basic major or minor triads with a single finger. Together resulting in an easier learning curve.

It also encourages the user to approach music differently, just as the different note layouts of pianos and guitars engender different playing styles.

(#) HexaChrom can send MIDI data either via the OSC protocol (wirelessly), or via CoreMIDI (wired or wirelessly). When using OSC to control MIDI devices (whether hardware or software based) you will need to translate the OSC messages to MIDI, using either additional software (eg OSCulator on a Mac) or hardware (Jabrudian's Missing Link).

- Isometric 'harmonic table' note layout keyboard, based on a 52-note matrix (just over 4 octaves).
- Play simple chords with a single finger.
- Consistent chord shapes irrespective of root key.
- Octave transposition provides a total span of just over 7 octaves.
- Dual view : Portrait mode offers a single 52-note matrix (easy play); Landscape mode has a 104-note dual matrix, with optional split channel operation.
- Assignable controllers (sliders and buttons).
- Control any software or hardware MIDI synthesizer, sampler, drum machine, etc. using OSC or MIDI protocols (additional software and/or hardware is required - see Requirements).
- OSC (wireless) support for both the 'M' data type (as used by OSCulator), and the Missing Link's proprietary message format. With automatic connection using Bonjour, or manual connection when Bonjour is not an option.
- CoreMIDI support (wireless or wired).
- Multitouch interface.
- iOS 4 multitasking compliant.

- iPad running iOS 3.2 or later (4.2 is required for wired MIDI, whilst 4.3 is required for wireless MIDI).
- To use wired MIDI : A CoreMIDI compliant MIDI interface (eg Yamaha's i-MX1), or Apple's Camera Connection Kit along with a class compliant USB-MIDI interface.
- To use wireless MIDI : a wireless network with access to a MIDI Server.
- To use OSC : a wireless network with access to an OSC Server, eg OSCulator or a Missing Link device.
- A Mac running OS X 10.4 or later (if using OSCulator or wireless MIDI).

- HexaChrom is a dedicated iPad app and cannot be used with iPhone or iPod Touch.
- HexaChrom is a controller. It does not of itself produce any sound.
- OSCulator, Missing Link and Camera Connection Kit are 3rd party commercial products."

Note the bottom image if from Hans of The Missing Link who gave it a try. He had the following tip for others that might want to give it a spin: "When I tried it out, the "Connect to Missing Link" slide switch put the right numbers in the boxes but it gave me an error as if they weren't there so I had to slide the switch back to 'OFF' and enter them manually. Not a big chore, but it's not necessarily an obvious workaround."

HexaChrom - Somascape
iPads on eBay

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TouchOSC FS1R Editor - First Screenshot

Something I'm working on for the Yamaha FS1R and TouchOSC with The Missing Link. This is the Operator parameters page. There are 8 Voiced and 8 Unvoiced operators in the FS1R. Multiply that by four parts and you are looking at 64 pages. Unfortunately TouchOSC does not appear to support a method I can use to select Operator and Part, so I'm looking at manually mapping every single control you see here times 64. It's probably going to take a while, but it is coming. I might make the editor available once Part 1 is complete. If anyone is interested, let me know. The one plus with TouchOSC is I can edit this on my Mac vs. directly on the iPad, which for a template this size makes the difference between being committed and simply giving up. I should say these pages are the last ones I need to complete before the editor will be complete. I have finally cracked the FS1R open. BTW, this editor will require The Missing Link as TouchOSC does not currently support sysex directly and the FS1R requires sysex for advanced editing. BTW, if your wondering what's up with the color scheme of my editor, it matches the FS1R.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Missing Link ( wireless control of Korg MicroKorg

YouTube Uploaded by MissingLinkMIDI on Jun 2, 2011


In this video, I demonstrate using an iPad with a TouchOSC ( template I created (available at: to control a Korg MicroKorg wirelessly via the Missing Link (

The Missing Link allows users to create completely custom software interfaces for controlling any of the MIDI parameters of their instruments. In this case, it exposes a lot of the controls and functions of the MicroKorg that are not easily accessible (or simultaneously configurable) directly. This is all done without a computer, ensuring the lowest possible latency and highest possible stability for critical performance applications."

iPad editor for the KORG MicroKORG

TouchOSC - hexler
iPads on eBay

Update: I gave this editor a try and it is excellent. It really opens up the MicroKORG and allows you to approach it in a way that was not possible below. You'll discover new things that were once inhibited. Unfortunately the MicroKORG does not make all parameters available via MIDI though. For example you can't adjust the speed of the arpeggiator, and you can select the effect type for FX1 and FX2. Note that is a limitation of the MicroKORG and not the editor.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

73 Missing Link and Buchla Scanner

YouTube Uploaded by 7thDanSound on May 31, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

iPad Editor for Roland MKS-50/Alpha Juno Series

via rachel on The Missing Link's forum

"I am happy to announce the initial release of my "ML-300", a rendition of the Roland PG-300 for MKS-50/ Alpha Juno Synths for the Missing Link!

This is for the iPad only, I am afraid, as that is all I have.

Please give it a try if you possess an MKS-50 or an Alpha Juno of some sort and let me know if you like it.

I will probably make some changes on request if I have time, but feel free to modify the template yourself, provide my original provenance is maintained.

Thanks for such a cool gadget - it's a lot of fun"

You can find the editor on the forum and mirrored here. Note that although the editor is mapped for The Missing Link, you should be able to edit it for CoreMIDI. The layout is done, it's just a matter of mapping the MIDI values in the TouchOSC editor.

TouchOSC - hexler
iPads on eBay

Monday, April 25, 2011

Musik Messe Biscuit and Missing Link Jam

YouTube Uploaded by matrixsynth on Apr 25, 2011

This one in via Jeannot of 4MS Pedals:
'We were just in Frankfurt for Musik Messe, with our new euro modules, and met a bunch of great manufacturers, and artists. I took this video, albeit a couple weeks ago, of Denis from OTO machines, and Hanz from Missing Link jamming on the Biscuit, and Wireless MIDI/OSC Transmitter. They've got it hooked into a modded XBase09, and the master clock is coming from the new products by the Innerclock Systems guys. Hans Lindauer is jamming on the iPhone, with a very fun, minimal, osc command program, and also has the iPad up and running OSC/Midi commands. Denis Cazajeux is tweaking the 8 bit delay and pitch shifting. Thought you'd might like to see it, bad quality and all, its a good jam. That part of our booth was so fun, it was nice to have a solid beat going in the background of modulars, and tabletop synths."

Friday, April 15, 2011

Superbooth Sync at MusikMesse 2011

YouTube Uploaded by MissingLinkMIDI on Apr 15, 2011

"Missing Link, OTO Biscuit, InnerClock Systems, Vermona/Analogue Solutions all running on lock."

Monday, April 04, 2011

59 Missing Link Playing Buchla (and MiniMoog)

YouTube Uploaded by 7thDanSound on Apr 4, 2011

"So today I got the very very cool Missing Link from Jabrudian in the mail today and decided to test it. As I no longer have a modular with a VCA I had to patch it up with the Buchla 259e as sound source and MiniMoog as gate :) I just used the default template for the TouchOSC app in my iPad so I was a bit limited. I expect to get tons of fun out of this!

Get yours here:

Read about TouchOSC here:"

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Roland SH-101 Vintage Analog Synth + Mod Grip + Case

via this auction

Note The Missing Link CV-to-MIDI converter, not to be confused with the new The Missing Link wireless TouchOSC to MIDI device.

"CV-to-MIDI converter - Missing Link brand - it's quite old and in really used condition but it does work and you can use it for midi-sequencing."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Missing llink test

YouTube Uploaded by waveshaper on Mar 30, 2011

"Osc data from ipad over wifi to the missing link, midi from missing link to ipad"

The Missing Link -
TouchOSC - hexler
iPads on eBay
iPod Touch on eBay

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

M-Audio Venom Review and Interview with Product Manager Taiho Yamada

A quick note: This review is long. You can jump to sections that interest you vs. reading it straight through if you prefer. This review focuses primarily on the synth engine for one single patch on the Venom. The Venom supports Multi mode with up to four multitimbral parts. Not only can you layer sound programs but you can set global parameters for the set. Be sure to see the Multi mode section of "Tips and Tricks via Taiho Yamada" at the end of this post. Taiho is the Lead Project Manager of the Venom and served as my contact during the review. I want to thank Taiho for his help and enthusiastic generosity. He is a true synthesist and the Venom is his baby.

Synth connections: Taiho previously worked at Alesis on the Andromeda A6. The DSP developer of the Venom worked on Radikal Technologies' Spectralis and the Accelerator. People that contributed to the presets via sound design include Richard Devine, Francis Preve, Mark Ovenden (Avid's AIR Instruments, ProTools VIs), Joerg Huettner (Waldorf, Access, Alesis), and of course Taiho Yamada.

*Don't miss the "Q&A with Taiho" section towards the end of the review. Also keep an eye out for "Taiho's Tips and Tricks" throughout the review in grey. You can find the consolidated list below the Q&A section.

Patch n Tweak
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