Tuesday, November 02, 2010

USB MIDI on the iPad

YouTube via MooCowMusic | November 01, 2010

"A demonstration of using the Pianist Pro with the Apple Camera Connection Kit as a USB MIDI interface. Plug in a MIDI sound module and control it from your iPad. Alternatively plug in a MIDI keyboard and use Pianist Pro as a simple MIDI recording studio.

Coming soon in Pianist Pro V1.8."

Some additional notes via Mark Terry of MooCowMusic:
"Since the iPad cannot provide power through this interface, only self-powered devices such as rack modules or larger keyboards can be directly connected. However, "Bus Powered" keyboards can be connected using a "Dual Power USB lead" which can be cheaply obtained from a variety of sources. These leads split data and power input and combine them into a single output, allowing you to plug the data input into the iPad, the power input into a powered USB hub, and the output into your keyboard.

Together with Wireless MIDI via OSC and DSMI, and MIDI Mobilizer (which provides standard MIDI connector output), MIDI via USB gives you yet another tool to connect your iPad with your favourite MIDI device.

USB MIDI is coming in Pianist Pro V1.8, which will be available later this month. It requires iOS4.2."

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