Thursday, June 02, 2011


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"My friend Doug Milford got the chance recently to meet with Malcolm Cecil and tour the studio. Doug's brother, who passed away in the late 80s, was named Kim Milford. If you poke around on the web, you'll find that Kim Milford sang with Jeff Beck for a period. And he also did a lot of acting in theater, Broadway, films, television, as well as music composition before his untimely passing while still in his 30s.

Kim had recorded some songs at the TONTO studio (lamentably, none with synths I'm told), and Doug was visiting Malcolm to track down some of the old master reels. Luckily for us, Doug snapped some great photos of the famous TONTO synth. You can see a lot of it very close up"

You can find aditonal pics here.

"The Original New Timbral Orchestra designed and built by Malcom Cecil. The TONTO features such synths as:

2 Moog Series III Modular Synthesizers
2 Arp 2600s
Serge Modules
4 Oberheim SEMs

and many more…"

follow-up to:
Invasion From Within — Malcolm Cecil - Tonto & KiNo [HD]

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