Friday, August 26, 2016

ARP 2600 w/ 3620 Keyboard Analog Semi-Modular Synth SN 261304

via this auction

"This 2600P 3.0 & Model 3620 keyboard has been expertly serviced and though the case is in rough condition, the synth is in excellent functional condition. This unit has all new sliders, a new 4012 Cirocco VCF module, new capacitors, has been fully tuned & calibrated, and the keyboard has been rebushed.

The ARP 2600 contains a legendary sound and is a semi modular sandbox of sound potential. 3 Oscillators, 1 LFO, the highly desirable 4012 filter (-24dB lowpass), S+H capability, built in spring reverb, built in speaker, ADSR/AR style envelope generator, and is fully compatible with any of your other modular or CV/Gate controllable equipment."

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