Saturday, August 13, 2016

Live Acid Electronica - "Isolation"- TR8, TB3, System 1, MX-1 Volca Bass/Keys, Ableton Live/Push

Published on Aug 13, 2016 Rezzonator

"Another live performance of a track taken from my forthcoming album and as featured recently on BBC Introducing. This was created with the Roland TR8, TB3 and System 1 and Korg Volca Keys and Bass. All the sound are coming from those hardware instruments and mixed in Ableton Live with a few added fx sounds and percussion sequence from Arsenal and Trigger Finger Pro.

Most of the tracks are sequenced within Ableton and controlled using Push and the Roland MX-1. This gives me a great mix of hardware and software and allows me to take the track in different direction and extend or shorten it when performing it live."

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