Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sketchpad Jam - 160821/ JD-xi, Volca Keys, Volca Sample, MicroBrute

Published on Aug 21, 2016 Sequentonal

"Another Berlin School Sequence Trip, albeit an old Theme. This seems to be my default when I am out of ideas :)
This one is really more about me trying what sounds I can produce :)

The JDxi is taking care of the Bass Sequence for a change, and imho it seems to be doing it cleaner than the Brute, so I might stick with that for the future.
Another first, No Stereo Delay! :) Instead the MX200 is being used in Dual Channel mode, Mono Delay on one channel and Pitch -12 on the other.

I like what came out of this 8 a.m.-before-bed session. Now i need a new theme to utilise it all :)'

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