Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dr. Blankenstein ATARI PUNK CONSOLE DELUXE V2.0 - Only 3 Left!

I didn't realize these were all about gone.
SN 114 pictured.

via this auction

with 2 Movement / Light Sensors, 6 Body Contacts,
Special Diode Circuit, Stutter Switch & CV INPUT !

(3 left till they are all gone!)

"DESCRIPTION: All great things must come to an end. This is 1 of the last 3 Dr. Blankenstein APC's that will ever be made... period. Last batch, it's time to move on to other wonderful projects. After 3 Years, 300 pieces (one of which went to the great Forrest Mims himself)... what else can really be done? :)
If you don't know, you are looking at a Dr. Blankenstein's Limited Edition Atari Punk Console Deluxe v2.0. Pretty much a super Atari stylized APC with a TON of tricked out features. There are two photo Theremin style motion / light sensors to control the sound, as well as a control switches to use a classic APC knob setup. Each light sensor can be turned on and off independently.

To add even more weird control to this sucker I have added SIX BODY contacts that allow for some pretty cool sound manipulation (see video below). Two of the body contacts are running through a specially designed Diode circuit that you will ONLY find on Dr. Blankenstein's APC Deluxe V2.0.

There is also a 1/8" Control Voltage (C.V.) Input so that it can be sequenced with an analog sequencer / modular synth setup or even modulate the sound by connecting a piezo trigger to it... fun stuff! :)

Another exciting addition to version v2 is the On / Off Momentary switch on the top of the piece, this allows the player to rhythmically stutter in the sound in! Of course there is still the standard On / Off power switch by the Atari logo as well. The side knob controls the master volume, and their is a 1/4" output jack on the back of the unit.

All in all... this is one of the nicest built, most feature stocked, MOST PLAYABLE VERSION OF THE ATARI PUNK CONSOLE out there today. But don't take my word for it... take a look at the demo video below. Point is, this is NOT your grandmothers APC! :)


- 2 Motion / Light Sensitive Theremin like top mounted sensors
- 2 Light sensor On / Off Switches
- 2 Square Wave Synth Control Knobs
- Momentary Stutter ON/OFF switch
- Standard ON/OFF switch
- Cool Color Changing / Randomly changing how it flashes mounted power LED
- 1/8" Control Voltage Sequencer / Piezo Input
- 6 Body Contact points for pitch change and other glitch effects
- 1/4" Mono Output Jack
- Volume Control knob
- 9V Battery Powered
- Quality / Professional build
- Classic ATARI 2600 Graphics
- Limited Edition Numbered Piece!"

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