Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Experimental Synth Tracks by Jeff Purgason

Published on Sep 6, 2016 Jeff Purgason

Note this is a playlist of all the videos on Jeff Purgason

1. Experimental Underworld Sequence Techno - Published on Sep 6, 2016
"Elektron Machine Drum sequences the EMU Proteus 2500 and the Korg Wavestation. Roland TR-909 sends rimshot to both Juno 60 and SH-5 . Pressing play having a go......"

2. Live Techno with synthesizers
"Interesting phenomena, Pressing the Roland SH-5 stops the flow to the Juno 60's arpeggiator. Both coming out of the Roland TR-909's rimshot out...." [Reminiscent of the Stranger Things intro theme.]

3. 2 min to tekno
4. strange electronic beats
5. Roland SH-5

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