Thursday, September 15, 2016

RK-002 Zaquencer

Published on Sep 15, 2016 Retrokits

The ZAQ RK-2000 appears to be a custom cased Beringer BCR2000.

"A little demo of the Zaquencer / RK-002 controlling the Volca Sample.

Sequencer 3 & 4 are used on the same midi channel (sent to the Volca Sample). 4 is set to drum mode, 3 is set to note mode.

The a. parameter of the Zaquencer is set to send out program changes so I can change the Volca Sample's channel which is under chromatic control.

At 1:30 I start the chromatic part and at 1:44 I start changing the Chromatic Sample Channel.

Volca Sample and Volca Keys are merged with the RK-003 and recorded in Ableton, adding some compression and filtered delay."

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