Tuesday, November 22, 2016

AxoStomp - Custom Hardware Case for the Axoloti by Frank Piesik

This one in via @carolinezoids (Caroline Swords)

"AxoStomp by @fpiesi: a practical case for @axoloti_be w/ arcade buttons & faders off a Korg nanoKONTROL [link] … @matrixsynth"

via the project site:

"A little while ago I told you about the Axoloti and how much I like it. But because it’s just a bare pcb without casing, I didn’t get to use it in practical context very much. Now I had a little time to design a 3d-printable enclosure. I call it AxoStomp and it features:
– 8 faders (from a Korg Nano Control)
– 4 Arcade-Buttons with leds.
– robust, parametric design, made with OpenScad (excluding the front plate for the connectors which is derived from Jens Groh’s design). The code lacks comments and needs refactoring, but it may be useful to somebody…

The Files are hosted on my Github page"

You can find additional details and links on Frank Piesik's site here.

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