Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Live Synthesizer Jam 55 : Teenage Engineering PO-12, Microkorg, Nexus 2, Sylenth1, GarageBand.

Published on Nov 29, 2016 Todd Smith

"Band Camp Link - https://toddsmithmusic.bandcamp.com/

This is a early version of a work in progress. I plan to play with muting and add variations in the piano sound. I'm thinking of using hardware synths with the same midi sequence as the piano for the 2nd 1/2 of the song.

I'm using a build up I've used many times in previous hardware jams but using Ableton to expand the idea. Again, this is a very early version. The idea will be expanded and worked on a lot more in the future.

The current version is all VST synthesizer sounds. The VST's used are Nexus 2, Sylenth1 and Garage Band. Teenage Engineering PO-12 is layered for the drums. I plan on adding more hardware sounds into the next version.

All sequencing and effects comes from Ableton Live. Effects are all Waves VST and include the SuperTap6 9 (Delay) IR1 (Reverb) and Infected Mushroom Pusher.

Korg Microkorg ( used as midi controller )

Teenage Engineering PO-12
Behringer Micromix MX400
Tascam US-144mkII Audio Interface
Waves Effects
Sylenth1 VST
Nexus 2 VST
Ableton Live 9"

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