Saturday, November 05, 2016

Mantra in A

Published on Oct 27, 2016 thenormanconquest

See if you can ID each synth heard! ;) Filing this one under the Musique Concrete and Synth Humore labels.

This one is in via The Norman Conquest who had the following to say about it:

"'tape music' piece titled 'Mantra in A' 10 year anniversary

thought you might be interested in this, lots of synths in the 10 years that I’ve been recording an “A” every day (ARP 2600, TTSH, Moogs, Buchla, too many to count easily)

All 10 years of videos that I've been doing this crazy piece 'Mantra in A' are now on the youtubes in a fancy playlist for your enjoyment.

For the uninitiated, the basis of the piece(s) is that I record the note "A" every day until I die. I obsessively take pictures of exit signs everywhere I go, then combine the two things into one every year (changing how the two are combined each year). Enjoy!"

Quite the project. And I thought I was obsessed posting every single day of the year!

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