Saturday, November 05, 2016

Minilogue Clouds

Published on Nov 5, 2016 Nick Jackson

"Ambient synth jam. Not meant to be the prettiest, cleanest, or smoothest, not cutting for an album - just me playing a chord progression over and over again while I play with some toys.

I have the Minilogue running into a Mutable Instruments Clouds and then a MI Ripples filter. I use these in conjunction with the Mini's delay feedback to give the sound a sort of disintegration effect as I go on. The mix is also then running out through my guitar pedalboard, in which I have a Smallsound/Bigsound Fuck Overdrive, ZVex Lo-fi Junky, and Strymon BlueSky engaged. No post editing has been done. Towards the end it gets pretty out of control, which I like. Then, my camera felt like stopping recording video, but I decided to share the rest of the audio anyway because it gets pretty weird.

I hope you can humor me for 16 minutes. Thank you very much for listening!"

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