Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Published on Nov 28, 2016 OCTON

"A sunday afternoon improv' mainly whith this HUGE litte analog synth (but whith a DCO , & many, many more) : Anushri ( MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS) : SEQ + generative drums- EURORACK on lead/pad.
MORE INFOS & MUSIC / https://soundcloud.com/user-704389598"

via Mutable instruments on the Anushri:

"Built-in sequencer and arpeggiator

Anushri’s built-in arpeggiator easily transforms chords into complex basslines and acid patterns with accent and slides. But the real fun starts when you use the built-in sequencer. Its interface is refreshingly simple: press rec, input notes on the MIDI keyboard or press the rest/tie buttons, press rec to finish, then start. The sequence can even be transposed from the keyboard.

Built-in drum machine

Anushri comes with a truly original rhythmic section. Original in sound, using 8-bit analog-style synthesis with integrated bit-crusher (What? A 707 sampled through a Mirage?). Original in interface, since it is “programmed”, or rather sculpted with knobs rather than x0x style switches and LEDs. How does it work? 2 knobs control morphing through different structures of drum patterns, and 3 knobs control how sparse/dense the pattern is for bass drum/snare drum/hi-hat, allowing you to create fills and variations at the twist of a knob."

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