Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Christmas Detective - Roland Boutiques, Korg EMX2, Volca FM +

Published on Nov 26, 2016 Micro Banshee

"Bit of a Christmas vibe with this one.. to early? anyhoo...
all my Roland boutiques are again used along with 2 x Volca FM's , EMX2, Novation Circut and a whole lot of other stuff.. I hope you enjoy the track, if not, no worries, have a great weekend.

As always, the track is played 'live' in one take - with no DAW, editing, or post production.

Recorded live [26/11/2016]


Korg EMX2
Korg KP3+
Korg Mini KP2
Korg Volca FM
Novation Circuit
Roland Boutique JP-08
Roland Boutique JU-06
Roland Boutique JX-03
Roland System-1
Roland TB-3"

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