Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yamaha CS-30

via this auction

"Very comfortable with a strange design and architecture. The CS-30 is a large, knob infested, black analog synthesizer with some traditional features and some extraordinary features.

The flagship model with 3 envelopes (with pos and neg), 1 LFO with multiple waveforms, Ringmod, crossmod (=FM).
Has two VCF multi mode filters (BPF 6dB/oct, LPF, HPF 12dB/oct), very fast and slow envelopes. The LFO can be quite fast. The CS-30 also lets you choose the sequencer as a modulation source for VCO1, 2, both filters and it can be clocked by the LFO or by an internal clock.

The modulation routing alone is deep, one can modulate just about anything in spades. Multiple ways of modulating major sections of the synth simultaneously."

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