Sunday, January 22, 2017

OBMX sound design2017 for next Deep Forest album (2017)

Published on Jan 22, 2017 Deep Forest

"Here are a couple of new sounds I designed for the upcoming next album (2017). Lot of people asked me about the OBMX, it's a fantastic pure analog synthesizer designed by Don Buchla. This machine has 8 voices (will grow to 12 voices), a 24db low pass filter type (Moog) and a 12db Oberheim type filter ( low, band, hipass). 4 multistage env (loopable), 3 lfo's, and a very important matrix modulation. All the magic is in the matrix...My favorite Oberheim so far... ( yes I know what people said... I know about OBX, OBXa, OB8, Matrix 12...) but this one remain my favorite (at least for my music).
Listen with headphone or good speakers !
Enjoy !"

Controlled by a Waldorf Wave.

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