Monday, February 27, 2017

New EMS SYNTHI Style Portabella Synth Coming from Pin Electronics

Portabella sound preview - Sync for 4 pins

Published on Feb 27, 2017 Pin Electronics & Ramcur

"The Portabella by Pin Electronics available 3rd quarter 2017.


Update: video is back. This originally went up at 6:55 PM today. Moving this up so you don't miss it.

Curious how this one will differ from their Hornets pictured below. Aside from the obvious color scheme, you can see the panel layout is different. I added a screenshot of the video above directly below for comparison. Note the "Random Voltage Generator" section above Oscillator 1 in the Portabella. You can click the image of the Hornets below for a larger version. It's set to open in a new tab so you can tab back and forth to compare. You can find previous posts on the Hornet via the Pin Electronics label below.

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